Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Animal Farm

So, it is official.

Small children more closely resemble farm animals than adult human beings.


So, we're at Thanksgiving Point's farm yesterday when this occurred to me.

See, the goats. They just YELL and SCREAM when they think you've got food and you're not sharing. They literally climb the walls to get to you if they believe you've got something delectable in your hands.

Kids? Do the same dang thing.

Then there's the random potty-ing where-ere you may be. The world's biggest sheep did this with quite the audience.

Henry happily declared, "HE'S TINKLING!"

And indeed, he was.

Boy human children have zero issues with potty-ing any place, any time. Just ask Henry. He did it in the yard at swimming lessons.

No shame.

The ponies are forced to go 'round and 'round and 'round all the live-long day.

Children do this as well.

"Mom, are spiders bad? Why? Are they scared of us? Do they bite? Why? Mom, are spiders bad?"

The peacocks show off their feathers to prove that they are big and strong.

My children are constantly demanding that they are "BIG BOYS!" who should be allowed to do (insert random dumb dangerous or annoyingly involved activity here).

The mommy bunny just wanted the baby bunnies to freaking GO TO SLEEP AND LEAVE HER ALONE!

Did they? No.

They needed a snack, they climbed on their brothers, they hopped around like idiots.

Ditto children exactly.

The horses? They were so sweet and soft, and were happy just to have their noises rubbed.

Kids don't care about the nose thing, but they do like to be just loved and cuddled.

(And you thought the farm animal analogy was entirely negative! WRONG!)

So, in conclusion, I think I have effectively proven that little children more closely resemble farm animals that adult humans.

And I am editing this add this VERY important tidbit, lest you think I'm working on erecting a barn in the backyard:

I LOVED visiting the farm. It was fun, and cute, and smelly.

But I LOVE my little farm animals ever so much more. They are fun, and cute and smelly. AND I wouldn't ever EVER trade them for a chicken.

The End.


Jackie said...

I always think my son looks like a little puppy!

The Martos Fudge said...

You are so right, I sometimes wonder where some of the things they do come from... And now I know

Braden said...

This post explains a lot. Mine have always seemed distinctly monkey-ish.

Anonymous said...



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