Friday, May 28, 2010

This week has been a bit of a challenge. 

It's not like I ever forget that my life is pretty sweet. 

Like how today I got the news that I am NOT getting sued because of that dumb-butt car accident from OCTOBER. That was good news. 

And how Derek is so good to me it's hardly real. 

But that doesn't change the fact that this week has SUCKED. 

See, on Tuesday evening, Oliver was one grumpy-gus. He seemed to have a fever too. So I put his sweet bippy in bed all doped up and decided it was all good. 

Until he cried for half the night. 

Which is when it occurred to me that he was teething. 

Suffice it to say, I barely survived Wednesday. I mean BARELY. I didn't clean, or put laundry away or make dinner. I just held and jiggled my very sad baby.  

Then, Wednesday night. 

I'll spare you the gore and pain, but by 4:45am when I loaded him up and started driving, I wasn't sure I'd live to see the light of day. 

Thursday was painful but (perhaps out of pure exhaustion) he seemed to have lost some of his screaming, drooling, miserable steam. I did get a nap by the grace of my husband, but still.So much crying. So much drool. So little napping.

And then Spencer spiked a fever. 

I know right? 

He is NOT teething. He is just plain sick. 

And I was supposed to spend the whole day at the Casual Bloggers' Conference today. 

But I was up half the night. And I was too tired to care. 

So I went to exactly one class and called it good. 

But, amazingly, the demons that possessed my baby seemed to have moved on to other targets. Oliver has returned, and I am rather fond of THIS version of him. 

Let's just hope the demons didn't jump from Oliver to Spencer. And then Henry. Who knows what will hit him when?

I have spent more money on baby pain relievers and teething products this week than I realized I even had in my bank account. 


I do not recommend teething. Hire a nanny for those days and go on vacay. You'll be happy you did. 


The Martos Fudge said...

Somehow I have managed to be out of town and left mom with my kids and they both teethed with her. I feel kind of bad. BUT just a little though.

Braden said...

Sorry it's been hard, Morgan! Teething is not a fun time at all. LOL about the nanny. That might be a good business idea--a teething nanny.

My wife and I fantasize about what we would do if we had millions of dollars. Hiring a nanny would be one thing we'd do--but only for getting the kids through the eternal minutes between "Time to get ready for bed" and when they are ready to be tucked in.

Chelsea said...

If you do hire a nanny and go on vacay for those days, please be very, very nice to said nanny and send her Christmas cards and such for all of time. As a nanny for the past... 6 years?... I can tell you we're hard workers.

Hope your little ones--and you!-- are feeling better this week.

Alisa and Jared said...

Poor boy! Well, hopefully there was at least ONE highlight to Thursday...I know there was for me!!
Thanks for letting us visit!


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