Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Woah, sorry 'bout that...

I just realized a week has slipped by. No word from ME! How, HOW have you survived the last week? Honest-to-goodness, I haven't got a clue.

So, to catch you up, we've been insane. How's that? Derek's dad was here for Derek's grandmother's funeral, so that was fun (really it was!) and then we were just plain busy. Derek's been writing writing, and getting somewhere SOMEWHERE with his dissertation. How cool! My hair is no longer purple (mostly because it faded SO SO fast and looked somethin' awful.) My babies are sleeping normally again.

We planted our seeds for the garden yesterday and the kidlets loved it for about five minutes, and then they were done. So here is our little garden just sowed. Eventually, it'll make it's way to the garden plot.

From April 2010

While I stepped away for just a mo' yesterday, Oliver got into the trash and found an old cup from a hot fudge sundae. A picture is worth 1,000 words. But all I said was, "HOLY CRAP!"
From April 2010

Henry took some self-portraits. He is SUCH a funny boy.
From April 2010

And he's no camera hog, he captured Spencer as well,
From April 2010
So, there ya go, what we've been up to. Not too dang much. I'm on the fourth Percy Jackson book. I'm enjoying them for their entertainment value but not so much on the fantastic writing. They're fun books. That's all I need right now. Life is WAY too serious.

Have you ever noticed that? Life, being just ridiculously serious? I mean, who's idea was that, really?

Since life has been so serious lately, we're just trying to survive some days. It's hard. But we're plugging along. God is good, life is good, and we're just happy as can be.

Love you!


Ken and Jen said...

I wondered where you were! Your boys are sooo cute, love the self portrait. :o)

Amy said...

I love you, too.
I've been waiting for you to say it for months.

TJDKG said...

I was going to call you the other day but I'm a dope and didn't. I miss ya!

Rocketgirl said...

I'd wondered where you had gone! I am so with you on the serious. I can't take serious movies - why add to the seriousness that is life?? And I'm so glad someone else's kid gets into and covered in the trash :)

Holly said...

The boys look like they know how to entertain themselves. Oh man with the hot fudge! Holy crap is right!

Thanks for stopping by for SITS Day (last week)!
504 Main

Braden said...

Love the seed trays. Depending on where you live be careful. I used a similar product once and they got all moldy. Sometimes keeping the lid off is best esp. if you live in a humid place.


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