Monday, March 15, 2010

Wanna hear about my weekend?

Of course you do.

For starters, I had two babies last week, both all-nighters, which is awfully convenient for Derek's work schedule but not so good for my SLEEP. I was/am SO SO SO tired.

Anyway, so Derek decided we needed a night "away" so we loaded up drove 20 minutes to Laughlin (okay, it's bit further away than that) and paid $25 for a hotel on the "Strip." This would have been WAY FUN, except for I felt as though my head would crack open at any given moment, such was the headache I endured. Oh, it HURT. BAD.

But, the kids had a blast. (Did you think we'd left them at home? Don't be silly.) Derek is officially "DAD OF THE DECADE!" because he brought our tent and set it up in the hotel. The boys got to go camping. Henry has been begging to go for weeks and weeks and I flat out refuse because I have no interest in attempting to keep Oliver from eating dirt all weekend long. Camping + babies do not mix.

So, they camped and I attempted to sleep.

I say "attempted" because despite being so unspeakably exhausted that I couldn't keep my own head up, the hotel was loud. SO loud. The bathroom had no fan to drown out the noise, and it was BAD. My mother always used to travel with ear plugs, and now I know why! I was desperately tired, so irritated and just generally grumpy.

BUT, my life was saved by BLACKBERRY! Yes, that's right. I got on my Blackberry Apps store, and what do you know? White Noise was a FREE APP! My life seriously improved right then and there.

Apparently, the white noise worked like a charm for ME but not so much for Derek, who reported some, uh... untoward happenings on the floor above us around 2am. He declared that it was "loud" and "angry" and uh... well... exualsay. (That's pig latin, use Google translator if you're confused.) I was seriously bummed to have slept through that.

I drifted off to sleep to the sound of FUZZ and was rudely awakened by Spencer, who pooped his pants at 5am. It was ridiculous.

So, all the kids were up and it was the middle of the night (more so than anything else, know what I mean?). We went and did some fun things involving donkeys and ice cream (yes at the same time) and then we went home.

Yup. Awesome.

Springing Forward hurt my feelings.

And now it's Monday. I have no packed one thing, or done anything even remotely productive except grocery shop and laundry. Oh, and child-care, but whatever.

So, there ya go.

Aren't you glad I wrote all that for you?


manhattandoula said...

I love it! Thanks for making me laugh, Organmay!

Alisa and Jared said...

Congrats on the 2 births :-)

Rocketgirl said...

I'd totally be bummed I missed that too. But the tent idea? Pure genius!! I'm doing that next time we do anything remotely interesting.

Braden said...

Morgan, thanks for your comment on my blog. I am very impressed that your husband set a tent up in a motel room. I personally stay as far away from the blasted things as possible!

I'm looking forward to following your blog.

BloggingBills said...

okay, so I am way ahead of you on packing. I have packed 9 book boxes, 4 crates of toys and the wedding dresses (stuffed into a big purple tub). I have moved (okay, your dad and your brothers moved) 2 beds: the antique bed out of Josh's room and the water bed up to Josh's room. The red bed is sold. The movies are sorted into "toss" "DI" "Kelsey take to her job" and "keep". The keep pile is moved to the former toy cupboards in the furnace room. The game cupboard is sort of cleaned out.
Of course, I am not ready for my annual 'observation' (which I had to reschedule because this week is crazy). I have not done laundry since before the dryer man came to fix the dryer (really, why spend $200 if I am not going to use the dryer?) I have not done much church work. I have, however, gotten a missionary ready to go. I think he's ready, anyway, he's going, ready or not.
MA again.

Roxi and Ephraim's Family said...

I love reading your posts! I was actually down in Vegas for two weeks! I just got home two days ago! I had no way to contact you and no access to internet! I tried to look you up in the phone book, but no luck!!! It would have been so much fun to see you!
I was trapped at my sisters house with eight kids for fourteen days! I don't know if I am going to recover, but the kids had fun and that is what life is about right?

Morgan -Ing said...

Roxi- I guess we can't be friends anymore. :)


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