Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another announcement

Good grief! I spent like all day yesterday packing boxes, and working on PERFECTING The Diet Coke Diet. (We dropped the ".blogspot" ya'll!) Our readership is growing! It's very exciting. Tell your friends. I am quite proud of my little baby.

Anyway, so, in the midst of all this packing and blog-working, Derek and I have made a decision. 

It's a BIG one. 

And we're really excited! In August, maybe September, we'll be adding a new...member of the family. 

It all went down at Best Buy. 

Guys, we're going BLU-RAY! But not until we're back in our own house, so not until after the summer. 

See, our DVD player has issues. It'll spin, and hem and hah, and moan and groan and declare, "NO PLAY!" over and over and over. It fooled us for a while and made us think all our DVDs were hideously scratched and not worthy to be played in our DVD player. I even returned a DVD we had purchased, angrily thinking that the darn thing was defective. 

Au contraire. Upon further investigation, it appears it is in actuality, the DVD player. That sly minx had us fooled, but NO MORE. We're onto you! 

So, since it's going to have to be replaced sooner rather than later, we've decided to get on the bandwagon and go Blu-ray. It's all very exciting. I mean, Blu-ray is MUCH MUCH cooler sounding than "DVD." Hello, 2001. HAHAHAH! 

There ya have it, as soon as deemed appropriate, we'll be upgrading. I'm all trendy and crap! WOAH! When did that happen?

Are you trendy? Have you upgraded yet? Are you still using a VCR?


Adrian said...

Make sure you guys get one with the integrated Netflix magic. Then if you want, you can have a subscription there and stream your movies magically over the interwebs. Of course, we don't even have a TV right now, so who am I to suggest anything. :)

Erin said...

So, I read this article in Wired magazine or some such industry watching publication and the article was quite critical of the Blu-Ray movement; primarily because the authors felt quite strongly that the extra cost was not justified by the marginally higher quality of the picture. Their feeling was also that, with the move to streaming video through various providers (netflix, hulu etc...) the idea of buying a disc of any brand will soon (within a few years) go the way of buying CD's and so it would not be worth the investment to start a Blu-ray disc library that will soon be outdated. ot to mention the fact that a decent DVD player can be had for around 100 dollars and a blue-ray starts at like 2 or 3 times that...
I am not sure I agree with all that reasoning, but it was something to think about.
And now, my treatise is over. The end.

Anna said...

blu ray all the way!!! the picture is fabulous!

TJDKG said...

you know us... we have VCR still we do have a DVD player but we prefer the kids to use the VCR..
btw nice thing about blue ray is i've heard it skips over the scratches on dvds now that would be nice! I want bluray tod doesn't... meh.

Alisha said...

I think it’s a wise choice. Blue ray has little by little been creeping into the vernacular and it appears like it will be staying. people always want bigger and better toys - we still don't use our phones for internet so what do I know.

I don't care about blue-ray at all. It just seems like 'too much' for me to care about. But I do believe the DVD is being ousted.
You mentioned August being this date of choice. Does Derek have something lined up? Hope it all works out.

Erin said...

Unless you have a high quality tv you won't get a better picture just a DVD that costs more.

McEuens said...

No plans to upgrade here. We don't even have a flat-screen TV. (Gasp!) Actually, I hope what Erin read is right. Makes a whole lotta sense to me.
As a side-note, I just cannot get over how much Henry looks like Derek. Wow! No question who his daddy is. (Not that there ever was.... ;)

Angie said...

When we moved to Vegas, our HTer was the Electronics Manager of RC Willey. He sat in our little family room and mocked our lone 20" CRT television (that I had purchased before my mission, mind you), our lone VCR (also pre-mish purchase) and our complete lack of a DVD player. Under his tutelage (and his knowledge of sales and Friends and Family Discount weekends), we have slowly upgraded to one largish 1080p LCD TV, a regular DVD player, a smallish TV in the kids' playroom and a portable DVD player for trips and doctors' offices. We got rid of our VCR and its tapes 4 years ago. My DH pines after Blu-ray, but I will probably be able to hold him off until our non-blu player dies (it does a fair amount of its own spinning and non-playing, but not constantly yet), mostly because our former HTer is now in a different ward and doesn't mock our substandard toys and my sister with her house of flat screens and playstations that plays Blu-Rays doesn't live nearby.

I'm intrigued by Erin's intell from Wired, but our current viewing habits (long trips in the car, doctors' offices, repeat viewing of certain Elmo DVDs by 2 year olds, etc) don't seem to lend themselves to streamed viewing, unless Apple is going to make ipads with ridiculous storage capacity for itunes movies and unless cars are going to have similar capacity. But then what do I know, I don't even read Wired :)

Congratulations on your pending addition!

Morgan -Ing said...

Thanks everyone for the insight. In theory, Derek would love to do the video stream thing, but also own 300 DVDs. So, what are supposed to do with them in the meantime? :)

August, just because Derek should be done writing by then, so he can get a job that starts in August, in theory.

Living the Scream said...

We also have a faulty dvd player but all of our dvd's our scratched as well! such is life I guesse. the dvr has become my best friend lately..

BloggingBills said...

Poor Boo Boo head. You are moving to a family that not only does not have Blu-ray, but we use VCR's stacked on top of DVD players (or the other way around.) We also have a TV antenna on the house (it was better than running the wire to the roof of Dennis' house, so he moved the antenna to our house (they have cable or whatever)).

So Boo Boo head, good thing you aren't planning on updating til after you leave here.

Oh yeah, the trashy double tv thing in the family room (old tv in front of broken big projection TV) is totally cool.

Braden said...

Hi Morgan,
I'm ashamed to admit I don't even know what Blu-Ray is. We're still using a a VCR to tape shows on our ancient tv!

Morgan -Ing said...

Braden- it's okay, we can still be friends. :)


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