Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A post you might skip if you don't like touchy-feely stuff.

Well, everyone, we got out of Vegas alive!

And seriously, there were times in the past nineteen months when we SERIOUSLY doubted that that would ever happen.

To be clear, we experienced beautiful, profound blessings while residing in Sin City. But regardless, we also went through trials and struggled on a daily  basis.

So, really, to leave and say, WE SURVIVED is a good thing.

And as I was driving away, I  breathed a sigh of relief. Good-bye God-forsaken desert, I thought to myself. Good-bye nudey billboards and porn on street corners. GOOD-BYE!

But, if I'm being honest (and I tend to try to be) I am dearly, desperately, sadly going to miss the fantastic, beautiful PEOPLE that I had the pleasure of knowing, loving and working with while we sojourned in the desert.

My dear friends at Well Rounded Momma. I couldn't have asked for better, smarter, more competent colleagues. To work with such amazing powerful women on a regular basis was a blessing I did not anticipate. I love birth work, and I loved knowing these women.

My clients. Oh, my. I learned far more from them then they learned from me. I stretched and grew from the 20 births I attended while in Vegas. Sometimes it hurt really bad! Sometimes I wanted to quit, to go home, to throw in the towel. But, I am a much better doula for it all. I got to be good friends with some of my dear clients, and I'll miss watching their babies grow.

My church friends, particularly one best friend who NEVER tired of my griping about life in general. She was always willing to help me in any way she could. I'm going to miss our comradeship. A lot.

The people. They made Vegas great.

I never really even noticed that tiny little rootlets of affection had started to sprout and dig deep into the dry, cracked earth of Las Vegas. Not really, until I was rooted pretty tight. Moving is always difficult. This move was easy because it was the right thing for our family. There was no doubting that. But to uproot myself and my family once again, yup, that always smarts a bit. The sting sort of builds and builds until it's just staring you in the face. Then you push past it (because it's the right thing to do) and start again.

In this case, I'm eternally indebted and grateful to my family who was more than willing to help us in any way they could, including offering us a place to lay our weary heads. Derek will soon be a PhD, a goal that is much anticipated. And it wouldn't be possible without all the love and support from family.

So, yes, I'm tired, yes, I'm sore, and I miss the people I love dearly. But I am SO grateful for the tender mercies extended to me and mine.

We are blessed.


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