Thursday, March 11, 2010

Because I got high...

I cloth diaper. You knew that right?

So, the covers for my cloth diapers had been failing me to an astonishing degree. It's been bad. So, I did some research and realized that I needed to re-waterproof them. I grabbed some spray (two cans) from the shoe depot. I was armed and ready.

Today, I opened up the windows, and started spraying.

Well. The can says to make sure it's well-ventilated where ere you spray. Hence the open windows, right?


So, I had twelve covers that needed refurbishing. I was spraying and spraying and spraying. It was going well. Really it was.

I moved on to the second can and was happily spraying all my covers when I accidentally sprayed my hand. "Whoops!" I said. Then a moment later, again, I got my hand. "I should have worn gloves," I said.

Third time, a big whoops. Suddenly, I thought to myself, "I wonder what would happen if I sprayed my ENTIRE hand with waterproofing spray? Wouldn't that be rad? I could wash my hands without them getting wet!"

You guys, I am NOT making this up. I was thinking this, without any kind of rational interruptions to the process.

Then I was like, "I wonder if I'll have enough spray to try it."

Then I realized, "Wait, remember that guy that covered himself in deodorant and died because he couldn't sweat? What if I died because my hand couldn't breathe?"

And finally, my brain took over and said, "MORGAN! PUT DOWN THE AEROSOL AND STEP OUTSIDE!"

Phew. Luckily, I listened to my brain, because I was seriously treading into dangerous territory. Could you imagine THAT trip to the ER? "See Doctor, I got a little buzzed and then decided to WATERPROOF MY HANDS."

Bad news.

The good news is I think I have returned to my normal faculties... I think... or maybe it's just that I ran out of waterproofing spray... who knows?


Ken and Jen said...! I love it!

Mandy and Chris said...

I'm laughing so hard right now!!!

Amber C said...

Can't take it anymore! My stomach hurts! Make it stop!

Morgan, Morgan, Morgan. There's a time in life where we all do something like this. I have to admit, this definitely takes the cake!
BTW, how long does that spray take to dry?

TJDKG said...

I am seriously laughing soo sooo hard..a nd thanks now that stupid song is stuck in my head... please tell me i'm not the only one that's heard it.

Nay said...

That was really funny! How did you get the spray off you hands? Anyway, are you interested in cloth swim diapers? My friend sent me one this summer for the baby. You might be interested in her esty store:
I don't mean to shamlelessly promote, but they're neat and I thought of that when I was reading this post.

Anne said...

This is too funny! Thank goodness you listened to your brain!


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