Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Warning: Pessimism in the post

Perhaps "pessimism" isn't the right word. Maybe just "really bad attitude" would be better. But where's the alliteration in that???

Know what is the worst?
Using dishes out of the dishwasher, rather than emptying it quickly (seriously it takes like three minutes) only to realize at the end of the day that the dishes were never clean in the first place. (Although, I am patting myself on the back for my extremely good dish-rinsing.)

What else?
Shopping carts all over the parking lot. It bothers me, a lot. Put yerdang cart back! (If you, dear friend, are guilty of NOT returning your cart to the cart corral, please know I still love you. And I forgive you....) It is SO irritating to find a fantastic parking spot, only to have my hopes dashed by a stinking cart blocking it. Like I'm going to park my car in the middle of the parking lot, get out, move your act of laziness and then park there. PLEASE! I'm too lazy. I'll just find somewhere else to park, and be peeved.

Thinking a Tuesday is a Monday. That's not fun. And I've been in "Monday" mode all day. It is Tuesday right?

A little boy who is FABULOUS about #1ing in the potty, but who is horrifically unsuccessful at #2ing. It's yucky.

But since I am not a generally grumpy person, shall I end on a high note? (OF COURSE!)
Life is beautiful. It's warm out, we have a cupboard full of food, dishes to eat off of, it is NOT Monday, and Spencer rocks the potty. And Oliver is officially "sleeping through the night."

And in the way of a Post Script (Who doesn't love a good P.S.?)
 Henry is learning about dinosaurs, and came to me yesterday with tears in his sweet eyes and asked, "Mommy, WHY did all the dinosaurs die?" Tragic and adorable.


Alisa and Jared said...

One of THOSE days...I understand!

Nathaly said...

UGH! Celo is the same way about the potty. It's driving me crazy. He's pretty much been #1 potty trained for most of January, (even passed the potty training test at Disney and stayed dry all day), but WILL NOT poo on the potty. He's done it twice, but hasn't done it again. So so gross. If you find something that works, PLEASE PLEASE let me know.

BloggingBills said...

Dinosaurs died because the Lord decided that Adam and Eve didn't need to deal with THAT particular issue.

Jae said...

Leaving carts out is ACTUALLY unforgivable. I love you Morgs, we are soulmates.

McEuens said...

Evan talks to me all the time about the dinosaurs dying and their bones turning into fossils and what a giant asteroid is and why it killed the dinosaurs and if there are any more giant asteroids, etc. For awhile there he liked to play a game where he was a dinosaur that was died and I was the person who found his bones/fossil. Still not sure what I think about that one.


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