Tuesday, February 16, 2010

See Morgan

See Morgan contribute. (CLICK on the link)

Go Morgan Go!

See Morgan's readers go over to MMB and leave comments.

Go Morgan's readers, GO!

P.S. That beautiful picture on the MMB post, while lovely is NOT the one I submitted. I sent them one of Spencer in his tightie whities. Apparently, they didn't want to put that out in the blogosphere. Oh well.


Terresa said...

Read your post, and I'm smiling, as my youngest is approaching potty training days. (Deep breath, if 3 have trained before entering Kindergarden, our 4th child can, too!)

Yes, I had a guest post on MMB last week (What no parenting book will ever tell you) and they included a random pict, too. (It was a little weird, but worked.)

Morgan -Ing said...

Terresa- YAY and then you'll be diaper free, right? WOW!


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