Monday, February 15, 2010

I disagree

with teething. Friday night/Saturday morning was NOT pretty at our house. SO much drooling and crying.  Oliver would fall asleep for an hour, then scream/cry for two hours. On again, off again. As soon as I would drift off to sleep, I'd be awakened by a piercing cry and much screaming.

Screaming and crying was our theme for the night.

At 6am, I was at the end of my rope. I'm sure you're wondering why I didn't make Derek take a shift or two.Well, he's a good husband, and he would have done it if I'd asked, but Oliver kept sporadicly nursing, and we all know how much use Derek is in that kind of situation.

Anyway. So at 6am I was DONE. So was my poor baby. I loaded him up and started driving. I drove and drove and drove. The sun rise was lovely by the way. And I drove and drove and drove and ended up at McDonald's. No idea how that happened.

Can I just say a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit and a Diet Coke taste fantastic at 6:14 am? DELICIOUS.

And then when the rest of the world woke up, we went and got teething tablets. I love them.

Because now I love my baby again.

Teething blows.


Amber C said...

Hooray for finally getting peace!
Sorry it took so much misery to wait it out.
You're such a good momma.

Morgan -Ing said...

Diet Coke was truly my salvation, Amber Dear! When are you guys coming to visit?


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