Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Sadness, thy name is Downsizing

You guys. I sold my piano.

And my Lovesac.


It hurts my heart quite a lot. Oh it hurts. The piano goes between noon and 3:00 pm tomorrow.

And the Lovesac? It's already gone. Last night. The guy made an offer, I nodded. And next thing I know I was saying, "Just push, like giving birth!" as he struggled to get it downstairs and out of my house.

Sad. I am trying to be strong. Oh, but it hurts. I love my STUFF. Isn't the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard? No? You love your stuff too??? Oh, that makes me feel a lot better. Thanks.

So, tomorrow I'll be gracing you with the story of my piano. It's quite a story.

And then after that, it'll be the story of the Love Sac.  Oh that's also quite a story.

But I can't tell you those stories tonight because I'm too sad.

I am trying to remember that I am a grown-up. It's just stuff. It's just 100% replaceable STUFF. I'll be all right. Derek has already pinky-sworn to replace my piano some day when we get someplace that is a good home for a piano. I'll be okay. It's JUST stuff.


Alisha said...

I'm so sorry and feel your pain. We sold our love sac a few years ago when we moved and needed to downsize. Now we are facing the reality of selling my piano soon (ish) if we get accepted where Jason wants to go. Life sucks at times. But just think, eventually you will get new and better and prettier furniture! Maybe even a baby grand.

Anna said...

I'd be sad about the piano too!! But when we sold our lovesac, I sang songs of joy, it was way too big and was always flat and I lacked the man power to fluff it. Now my husband was sad to see it go, but I promised him someday when we have a large basement he can hide one, I mean keep one down there. =)

Morgan -Ing said...

Anna- ours had been hiding in the toy loft since we moved here. I'm okay with it.

Alisa- deep sigh. Someday.

Alisa and Jared said...

I'm so proud of you! It is a big step to sell away all of the "stuff"...but I'm telling you...it feels SOOOOOO good when you're done with it! And besides, it will cost you a lot more to move those items around, then it is worth.

Sure, every once in awhile I miss a pan or a lamp (or a KITCHENAID!!), or something I sold (because let's admit it...I've sold a loooot)...but then I think...well, if I REALLY want it...I will get it again, someday...when I have my own HOUSE!! Something to look forward to!

So sorry about the piano. But those are sooo hard to move and store. You'll find another piano some day :-)

TJDKG said...

=( Being grown up is no fun... you could just NOT move and not sell your stuff.. just sayin....

BloggingBills said...

now we'll have to come up with another euphemism instead of 'fluffing the lovesack'

Chelsea said...

Those are two tragic things to have to sell! Eyes on the prize, though, right?


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