Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Great Ice Cream Search

I was going to tell ya'll about my stuff that I had to get rid of. But I can't. Because I have to tell you about the

So, it all went down yesterday.

I spent all day cleaning, organizing, throwing stuff away (I LOVE moving.) And then I had a doula appointment FAR away. And I had a headache. And I was starving.

So, it was 9:30pm, and I needed ice cream. BAD. I didn't need it to be fancy or expensive or anything. Just cold, frozen, dairy or dairy-like even. I decided to be a nice wife and stop off at Dairy Queen and get us BOTH a cold treat.

They were closed.


So, I decided to just shoot across the intersection to McDonald's and grab a couple of sundaes. (Do you see how BADLY I needed ice cream? McDonald's! Really!)

Well. There was road construction, and weird lane closures, and I couldn't get across. No prob, I'd just drive across the intersection and hit up McDonald's for sundaes. (Do you realize how badly I needed ice cream? McDonald's! Good grief.)

There was road construction, and all these weird lane closures. I couldn't figure out how to get across. Weird. so, I just figured I'd drive up a bit and flip around. (U-turns are kind of an important part of living in Vegas.)

Well. I couldn't make a U-turn at the next street. (Big NO UTURN sign) or the next or the next. Grr. At this point I was almost home and halfway between Burger King and McDonald's. So, I decided to just go to Burger King. I was almost there anyway, they had cheapo ice cream, and I like their fries.

So I got to Burger King (it's raining by this point) and went to the drive-thru. I opened my mouth to order "Two Caramel sundaes and a large fry" when I saw a sign, handwritten, that said, "Cash only, sorry."

WHAT? So I said, "WHAT?" I hit reverse and floored it outta there. Ridiculous. I didn't have cash! I had plastic. Only plastic.

It's like the universe did NOT want me to have cheap soft serve this evening.

Depressed and dejected, I started heading towards home, when I decided I wanted ice cream more than I wanted to go home. So, I turned into the grocery store's parking lot. Then I spotted a GOLDEN SPOON! Yum, cold frozen yogurt. More money, sure, but WAY better than soft serve.

They were closed.

The ridiculousness had now reached epic proportions. I had now struck out FOUR times. I was not about to let the Universe win. I would have ice cream. I WOULD, rain or no rain.

I parked and went into Smith's. (In the rain.) And to make up for my very frustrating 20 minutes, I ended up with Hagen Daaz, brownies and cupcakes. NICE!

On the way home, Derek called to find out where the heck I was. He laughed a lot when I told him. Then I swore not to share, and he changed his tune.

So there.


Alisa and Jared said...

Hmm...are you sure you're not pregnant?

Today's ad "Diabetic Test Strips" THAT one might see fitting with a blog about ice cream! :-)

TJDKG said...

MMM ice cream... i think you should come down and go to yogurtland... just sayin...

McEuens said...

Hmmm.... This sounds really familiar. What is it about Vegas and the inability to get ice cream?

Jones - Keeping Up With M.O.M. said...

Just stopping by from MMB to say Hi :)

BloggingBills said...

Oh for the love of ice cream! If you don't have it, you won't get it! Love you!


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