Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Houston, We have LIFT OFF!

And it couldn't be any cuter.

Oliver started to try and walk at 8 months old, and now at 10 months is really gotten it down pat. He's not so good with getting up on his own (still uses furniture a lot of the time) but he's cruising around and bravely walking without holding on.

My goodness is he proud. The grin the boy wears as he trots like a monkey cannot be replicated. He gets up on his little fat feet, raises his hands in the air and GOES!

As I watch him, I am just in awe. This little dude is a BABY and yet, he is so fixedly determined that it takes my breath away. Nothing can deter him. NOTHING. He falls down, he gets up again. He bonks his brains, (he does that a lot) he cries, I cuddle and he's off again. He runs into obstacles and SCREAMS at them until his loving parents/brothers move him or it so he is free to move again.

He goes and goes and goes.

Isn't it amazing?

It has renewed my faith. I know, weird, right? But it's true. Jesus asked that we become as little children. Not in the "fit throwing, pants pooping" way but in the "innocent, believing, meek" way. And watching my little man  tramp all over has reminded me WHY. Oliver doesn't ever think, "I can't do this." or "It's too hard." He just tries over and over and over again. Never does he declare that he's done, that he'd prefer to be a quadruped for the rest of eternity. Nope. It has never once occurred to him that learning to walk might not be worth it. Oliver is not afraid to work for what he wants.


I need to learn how to walk all over again. I need to be more determined, more fixed on my goals. It is worth it. It's ALWAYS worth it.


Alice said...

Yet another post that has brought tears to my eyes in a totally good way. Thanks for the little analogy and your great wisdom. I needed that today! I am sure lucky to have such a great friend in my life. Love ya, Morgs!

Angie said...

My oldest would raise her hands high above her head and squeal with glee everywhere she walked for the first little while after she figured it out--it was her own roller coaster and she was loving it. I think it's that glee in the ordinary and wonder at the commonplace that I feel most missing in my adult self. I want to be softer and more easily entreated. I want to leave the cynicism and sarcasm behind and be that trusting loving childlike person again. Only the Savior can make that out of me at this point. I am so grateful He is willing. Now I just need to try harder helping him!


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