Monday, December 7, 2009

Heaven and Angels Sing

My children are angels.

They ALL slept in until 7:45 this morning.

If you are not astounded, shocked and thrilled for me, then you do not pay nearly enough attention to my blog.

I'll say it one more time:

They ALL slept in until 7:45 this morning.


(I will not spoil the beauty of it by stating that Oliver did NOT sleep through the night, he is taking a break from that while he has a cold.)


A definite contributing factor was two late nights this weekend for the kidlets. 9:00 is TOO late for my kids to go to bed.

But still, it will NEVER happen again, so I am just basking in the beauty.

And this morning, at breakfast, Henry, over his corn flakes said, "Mommy, we partied too late last night."

Amen, Henry. Amen.

Aren't you SOOOOOO happy for me????


McEuens said...

That is awesome! I know 7:45am in your house is like 10am in mine. Hope you enjoyed the sleeping in and that it does happen again sometime. :)

Alisa and Jared said...

I AM happy for you. Is the lock on the door working?

The Wolford Family said...

I think it's great your kids slept until 7:45 I know that's huge...and a little sad how happy you are. It's becasue you're soooooo tired

Chelsea said...

Hip hip hooray!!! Glad to hear you got to sleep in.

Rocketgirl said...

Insanely jealous. I do usually get to sleep in until 7:30 or so, but that's because I'm up from about 4am-6:30 with baby. So does that count as sleeping in? Nice kids :)

Lynn said...

Sleep... what a wonderful thing. The key to our sanity.

Angie said...

what a wonderful pre-Christmas gift your children gave you. I would very much like one like that myself. You are wise to realize it is a fleeting thing of beauty to be embraced and appreciated since it will never ever happen again (until you need them to be up early, of course)


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