Friday, October 23, 2009

The many bags of Morgan

Hi there.

I swear I'm not going to complain about my back (even though it hurts BAD, it's not as bad as it was yesterday. Yesterday I nearly passed out it hurt so much.  But today, Dr G. and I were reunited, and I told him I didn't want to come back because I was mad at him, and he was much nicer, which made me slightly less mad at him, and this is the best run-on sentence in the world.) But since I'm not griping about my pain, I thought I'd enlighten you in other ways.

Ready, set, go!

So, when you're me, (hah!) you have a lot going on. In order to keep your life semi-organized, you have to have a lot of bags.

"Bags?" you ask. "Why bags?"

Well, I'll tell ya. See, there's my purse/diaper bag. It is my go-to-anywhere-that-I-bring-my-children-to bag. It contains the following items: Sling, wallet, nursing cover, diapers x2, wipes, phone, Woody doll, extra pacifier, old receipts from Walmart, lose change, and earlier today, I found skanky old french fries. (NO I DID NOT EAT THEM! THAT'S GROSS!)

Then there's my doula bags. I have three. One for births, (full of crazy stuff), one for prenatals and one for files. I take my doula bag to places for "work" wherein I don't need an extra pacifier or a diaper or a Woody doll. I ALWAYS need skanky old French Fries so I make sure to throw those in too. It's nice and light. I just bring my wallet and my phone. SO nice. If I need it, I bring my file bag too. (I won't mention my breast pump which is ALSO a bag, and must go with me to births, bringing my total bags for births to FOUR.)

Then there's my church bag. One giant bag, with no pockets.

It is the bane of my existance. (I have a lot of those.)

It is a sucking pit of dispair, fruit loops, church bulletins, manuals, and toys. Oh, and diapers. And wipes. And depending on whether or not it's a pay-day week, a check book, a pen, and rumpled old tithing envelope. And I have to throw my sling and nursing cover in too.

I hate my church bag. I need a different one. It makes me irriated to dig and dig and dig. Last Sunday, I was digging and digging and consequently making a TON of noise, when a very nice woman leaned over and goes, "It's behind your foot." And sure enough, there was Oliver's binky, exactly what I was looking for. Behind my foot. Not in my bag that I was digging around in, like Roto-Rooter.

On dates, I take my purse/diaper bag. I just empty out all the "kiddie" stuff and leave it with the babysitter. (I learned my lesson last week. I MUST send an extra set of pants and undies with Henry... I MUST!). It's not as bad as it sounds, my purse/diaper bag is just a messanger bag, but it is VERY empty with just my wallet and phone, old receipts and skanky french fries.

So, I'm a bag lady. I need a better form of organization. I don't care for all the bags. But I'm very wary of going to just ONE bag. It would take over the world. But what can I do?

What do YOU do to control the insanity?


Amber C said...

Morgan, I loved this post. Last May we had an enrichment night all about the different bags we carry in our lives and what they each mean. Your bags mean that you are a mother, a wife, a support to birthing moms, and a faithful daughter of God. Definitely find a new bag for church. I always need purses or bags with pockets unless it is all notebooks or something simple going into a bag.

Here's a "convertible bag" that you can make smaller with the kids' stuff out of it. Just a thought!

Erin said...

Behold the File/Prenatal/Birth and Maybe Breast Pump holder (don't know how big that is-might still needs it's own bag) that also conveniently straps to the seat of your car:

And, instead of taking all the baby stuff OUT of the "purse/diaper bag" get yourself a smallish clutch/purse that goes IN the diaper bag. Then you give the diaper bag (with extra pants/undies for Henry) to the Babysitter and keep the purse.

For Church: May I present the Kangaroo Keeper!

Anna said...

Here is what I do, when I go out with out my children I take my nice red real leather Italian purse purchased in Italy by a sister of mine, it consists of my wallet, cell phone and keys. When I go out with the family I take the diaper bag. When we go to church we take the book bag with books, paper and colored pencils, no toys no snacks, that is for the older girls and for the baby the diaper bag. When we go to the doctor's office or such places that the girls need to be somewhat tame the girls each take their own bag with their own toys and snacks or if you are Kaylee a change of clothes too. they then carry it so i don't have to. It works.

The Wolford Family said...

I think it must be genetic. I have bags EVERY WHERE. Even though I'm not in the diaper bag stage..I still have 8 million bags. And I have found that whatever bag I'm using at the moment may not work for me in a week. For a while my church bag was one that had a scene of the Las Vegas strip all over it. It was brought to my attention that I might want another church bag. All in all bags are always going to be a part of your life and just get used to switching around. I have and I'm very happy...I need a new purse!!!

Jae said...

Ugh CHURCH BAGS! There is no such thing as a good one.

BloggingBills said...

Oh baby!

I think you so got it from me. I have my church bag, my church music bag (unless I stuff my music in my church bag), my school bag,my lunch bag, my purse, my IKEA bag (full of stuff I cart back and forth from school that won't fit in a brief case, my temple clothes bag, my 'go right away' bag (so I can go on a quick overnight without packing, like that ever happens) a computer bag (usually empty, unless I take the computer somewhere) my bag-o-bags (plastic ones to line garbage cans) my bag-o-bags of cloth reusable grocery bags that usually don't make it to the store (weird how I was 20 years ahead of the game!) and other bags. So you see, there's no way to get out of it.


BloggingBills said...

I actually have a pattern for some cool bags that go in the car, over the seats, etc. Would you like me to make you a couple and see how it goes?

TJDKG said...

Dear Morgan you can NOT be helped.. =)
I feel your pain though, I think I have a bag for everything almost..
oh and by the way you forgot about your pool bag, you know how much you've used it lately...

I do second getting a smaller bag to carry around for date instead of the big bag. They have some really cute patterns. I've been looking at some to make for a while now but I have too many other things to make first.

Alisa and Jared said...

I generally switcheroo items from bag to much work, and matter what! But at least when switching things around...some of the old cheerios and receipts get moved out (sometimes)...

Yasmine said...

Your church bag sounds like MY church bag! If I ever clean it out I'm sure I'll be horrified by what is in there.

Lindsey said...

That's a lot of bags!

Tuttle Family said...

Morgan, how I WISH you could bring your doula bag to my house. If you don't mind I have a question for you...about my current OB. I don't have your email if you get a second could you email me at don't forget the 1, mjtuttle w/o the 1 is mean. :) Thanks,


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