Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Things have been crazy busy around here! Like too-busy-to-eat kind of busy, which, as you know, is extremely serious.

So, now for the weekend update.

You know it's like mid-September and therefore you know, like almost autumn and all?


Well, not here.

So, we bought an "end of season" sale blow up pool and have had a blast.
(And by "we" I of course mean, Henry and Spencer.)

From September 2009

See? We're all "Fall be darned! We love summer!"
From September 2009

And then, Derek had to work all day Saturday. CRAZY!

Then we had these random children show up at our house on Saturday night. I was all, "Whaddreyoudoin?" and their parents were like, "YOU HAVE TO TAKE THEM! WE NEED A DATE NIGHT!"

So, we did.

From September 2009

And they are all eating because they walked in my door and demanded snacks. Apparently their parents don't feed them.

So, that was our first night of "Babysitting Co-op." A bunch of people from church exchange children on occasion and it works out that you and your significant other get to go out three times a month.

Worth it.

But then, due to Derek's working on Saturday, I ended up having to schedule VIP doula meetings for SUNDAY! (You know what stinks? Running your own business, making your own schedule and STILL having to work on Sunday.)

So, between work and church (sigh) I was gone ALLLL day, and by the time I got home, my head was pounding. I tell you, it hurt!

So, I went to bed.

And then on Monday morning, all the world was clearer. And I realized I need a vacation.

From September 2009

From September 2009

From September 2009

I literally spent all day yesterday cleaning.

Then, this morning we broke in the new "on-call" nanny so I could go do a prenatal, and I hadn't even walked out of the house when Henry told her, "MY MOM LETS ME DO THAT!" And I was all, "Whatever he said I let him do, he's lying!" Turns out it was couch-jumping. Yeah, I don't let him do that. So that was cool.

And now, I have to run because Oliver is MAD that I bothered to try and blog and I have to go be a good lil' LDS girl and do my visiting teaching.

And that means I get to wake up my two-year-old from his nap in order to do so.

And at this point, you're all, "SEE YA! WOULDNTWANTTOBEYA!" And I'm all, "You are SO right."


BloggingBills said...

Baby, we have all had weeks like that. Sometimes you just have to read the crewel work on your boys' all (you know, the one with the mom rocking....) and not worry about stuff.

Cuz no matter what you do it's gonna be crazy, messy, noisy and exhausting for, oh, maybe 19 more years.

Love ya,

BloggingBills said...

And that's not tacking on extra years for the kids you have yet to give birth to.

BloggingBills said...

Ha ha! Sounds like a blast!While you got to spend all day cleaning the house, i was sitting in school wanting to die because it was so incredibly boring! But i think you got me beat. I would rather clean than go to school. Oh wait.... just kidding. I wouldn't do either!

Alisa and Jared said...

You mean your co-op does not have a planned date night? You can just have people showing up anytime? I love doing kid exchanges--hectic when it's our turn--but SOOOOO worth it!

Morgan and Derek said...

Alisa it is planned for Saturday but its a 4 hour window. You never know who/when in that time.

Yasmine said...

Oh! Thanks for reminding me to do my visiting teaching. (I haven't been a very good little LDS girl lately.)


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