Friday, August 28, 2009

Derek is a Genius

We're talking Benjamin-Franklin-discovering-electricity-Genius here.

Before I tell you how/why, you must raise your right hand in the scout salute and swear on a stack of random papers that are sitting next to your computer (of course there are papers there, it's like I'm sitting right there next to you, isn't it. Freaky.) that you will NOT steal his brillance and claim it as your own.

If you do, I'll know it was you. I have sitemeter and I read your blogs.

I'm telling you, bad kharma is not something to screw around with.

Anyway, enough of my scary threatenings.

Derek is a genius.

Look at what he invented.

From August 2009

What is that you ask?

A "Binky Ball."

It's an "O" ball with Mam brand pacifiers stuck in the holes. It's binky storage plus the fun-est toy a 4 month old can behold.



The Mam pacifiers just fit nice and tight in the medium size holes. I don't lose binkies and Oliver can pacify himself.


From August 2009


The Wolford Family said...

I made a binky necklace for Michaela when she was little- it had 6-7 binkies on a necklace- all spaced out. She loved that - that binky ball is VERY cool!!!

Erin said...

I remember the binky necklace! She loved it! The binky ball is also very cool.

BloggingBills said...

Yes, it is genius. I remember the binky necklace, but it's too girly for a little boy.


The Wifey said...

Now that is truly genius.

Lindsey said...

That IS a genius idea! Nice thinking Derek!

Ken and Jen said...

I can't let Hannah see that. She is totally obsessed with her binky! lol!

Chelsea said...

You're going to be a millionaire. Market it now!

Alisha said...

Morgan, its brilliant enough that even Jason agreed after a good chuckle.


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