Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Observations of a Wednesday

- I'm sitting here, listening to the whir of the baby monitor, and am so glad we bought one today. I am getting tired of Spencer going into my room and waking up the baby! Now, we can close the door, and I can still hear Oliver. WOO-HOO!

- I have become a fan of Pandora, internet radio. As my good friend, Manda put it, "It's like it knows me!" But, here's the thing. I have guilt. Seriously. I feel BAD for the songs I reject. It's like, "Oh, poor Pandora is doing such a good job, but I really do not like this song." It takes A LOT for me to reject something. Even remaining neutral is rough. Especially if I LIKE the song but am otherwise indisposed and can't get to the computer to click on the "thumbs up." Seriously, I feel like I'm hurting Pandora's feelings.

- Oliver has started to laugh. I do declare it melts my heart EVERY SINGLE TIME. Baby laughs are one of God's more impressive creations.

- Today, we had a very nice insurance man come for an appointment about health insurance. Keeping my three boys happy while he discussed premiums verses deductibles was a challenge. It was especially difficult when Henry appeared in the kitchen bare-butt naked. Apparently, he'd taken a cup of water with him INTO the bathroom, and whilst on the potty (thus the no-pants) spilled the water on his shirt. The result: a completely naked three-year-old for all the world to see.

- Las Vegas, for all it's faults, has been delivering some lovely weather. The evenings/mornings are particularly delightful.

- The doula business is really taking off. I heart my clients. They are so awesome.

- Derek is loving his new job.

-Spencer has had a hard couple of days, wherein he has: had his fingers smashed in the pool gate, turning two finger nails purple, a scratch on his chin, a finger that got buckled on a back pack, clonked his head on the hard kitchen floor when he fell off his bike, and didn't really nap today. SHEESH!

-We are moving in T-minus 30 days and I have literally not packed one single box. NOT ONE. And I don't plan to start until July 1st. What's the rush? We're moving 20 miles away. No biggie.

Generally, life is good here. How's yours treating you?


Alisha said...

Sounds great but good luck with the moving. That is what we said about moving from SPringville to Provo, and perhaps it is because we've been living in a larger ish house for 3 1/2 years ... I don't know. But it was a nightmare

BloggingBills said...

I hate moving! If you were moving sooner than the end of July I'd come and help, but alas, I am back to work (Spalding training, kill me NOW!) that week!


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