Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A month

Oliver is one month old today. Holy cow, it has been the fastest/furiousest month of my life.

I am amazed at the constant blessings that have come our way. Three beautiful, busy healthy boys! Wow.

See? Aren't they handsome? (Oliver is asleep in 99% of all pictures because he's asleep 99% of the time. Give him his binkie and it's off to dreamland.)

Life is truly good. All is well.

And in other news, the Swine flu *ahem* H1N1 flu (it's politically incorrect to blame the pigs you know) has hit Las Vegas. I haven't witnessed such a media storm since it SNOWED in December. Sheesh! People are FR-EAKING out! Seriously, it's only kind of humorous. People are genuinely terrified, which is highly irritating. If the darn media would quit scaring people, then we'd be fine.

We actually got a LETTER from management here in the ghetto, assuring us that Management was ON TOP of the pandemic. No worries! The ghetto-landlords will protect us! (And they reminded us to wash our hands often.) Phew, I was so worried.

The real kicker: the kid who got it has 100% recovered. We didn't even hear about it until he was all better! And the other lady has chronic health problems, so what's the big deal? I dunno, but apparently it's news, just as big as the double stabbing at the Denny's. (I wish I was making that one up, but alas, I am not.) So, please wash your hands, if you come to visit me. I don't want H1N1 in my ghetto.

Double stabbings? Now, THAT I can deal with. :)

The other thing I am NOT cool with is the 96 degree heat. It's not even close to AS hot as it's going to GET but dang it all to heck, I'm a sweaty pig... oh wait, is it politically incorrect to assert that pigs sweat? Because they DON'T. NOR DO THEY CAUSE SWINE FLU. No offense to all the pigs, I take it back. I'm a sweaty horse, not a pig. Okay?

What a world.


Erin said...

Do you have a swaddle that zips? Did you make that? Anywho; people here freaked out so much about the STUPID BUTT FLU that SCHOOLS CLOSED. For the love of everything holy. Seriously. You do not even want to get me started. The complete and total inability of people to think about this illness in a calm and logical manner is making me freaking CRAZY. GET A CLUE PEOPLE. GET.A.CLUE.

The Wifey said...

I love the phrase,"Dang it all to heck."

Oliver is such a cutie! As well as your other boys.

The Wifey said...

Oh and I agree with Erin.

Morgan and Derek said...

Erin- yup, I made it and it only took me three tries. I finished it 3 days ago and it's already almost too small. DANG!

Yes, they are urging schools to STAY OPEN here in Vegas. Sheesh.

McEuens said...

Totally agree with you and Erin. I do not get what the big deal is given the mildness of the illness, especially here in the U.S. The regular seasonal flu typically kills around 34,000 people every year in the U.S. 13,000 between January and April of this year. (And yes, I did look that up. ;) Swine flu deaths in the U.S. so far: 2 (arguably only one since the first death was a Mexican citizen who came here to be treated). All the hype is ridiculous. The longer I live, the more I realize how irrational people are. Sigh.

Chelsea said...

We have H1N1 in Wisconsin and in Minnesota. Since it's hit the Twin Cities area (which is already equipped with the CDC H1N1 testing stuff) people have been going crazy. At work, I'm--apparently--the source of all news; I listen to National Public Radio.

EVERYWHERE around here has sold out of hand sanitizer at LEAST once. Ridiculous. Seriously, Wal*Mart, Walgreen's, Kmart, drug stores... all of them have had to get extra hand sanitizer to keep it on the shelves.

Jauna said...

btw the kid who had it was in WAY NLV like Aliante area.... and they didnt close the school down even.

Amy said...

I can't believe how old Spencer looks!!! When did that happen??? His face looks all slender and mature-ish. I can't believe he's going to be 2 in just a few months.

Speaking of newborns sleeping all the time, I definitely expected Wendell to(like Isabelle did). No such luck! I'm sure glad I'm over his newborn hump. He's gradually getting more "accepting" of the moments he can't be held. (And now that he can roll over to his tummy, he sleeps through the night, yay!)


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