Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Oliver needed a bath. He hasn't had one yet, other than being born, and well, it was time. But, unfortunately, I failed to purchase ANYTHING that would be helpful in a baby bath. We didn't even have baby soap, or a baby bath tub or anything. I guess I threw it all away when we moved.

So, a quick trip to Target, and now, he's clean as a whistle. But, he wasn't such a fan. :)

From April 2009

From April 2009

From April 2009

From April 2009

From April 2009
And now he smells like marshmellows. Method baby soap is fab! And his tiny coiff of hair is all soft and fluffy, which is, frankly adorable.

My mom has been present and helping with each and every one of my kids' first baths. It's tradition. :) We let him get good and stinky before she got here. She was so grateful.

And because 99% of all pictures I take of Spencer involve him eating, this is for your viewing pleasure:

From April 2009

He found half a soccer easter egg and it became his spoon. He is such a mess.

We're slowly adjusting to three kids, but I'm honestly not sure what we'll do when we're launched on our own later this week. I don't have enough hands! AHHHH!!! Heaven help us, we're gonna need it.


Anna said...

oh my gosh, my biggest fear with having number 3 is not having enough arms. I'm hoping my Mom can come help but if she can't then....wow...what will I do??? You'll have to let me know how it goes doing it on your own. I'm glad he isn't stinky anymore, there is nothing better than a yummy smelling baby after a bath.

Jauna said...

ok seriously laughing at the "spoon" too cute!
and that squishy baby is just too cute. and the bath soap smelled like marshmallows? I'm weird we dont use baby soap. I think I have some here you could have had if we didnt pitch it. We just use Dove on our babies love Dove soap. Now I sound like a commercial.
And honestly 3 isn't too bad. It took a little getting used to but it was so doable. Infact I think transition to 3 was much easier. It may just take some time for Spencer to learn that sometimes he has to wait for something. and it is ok to just let the baby cry for a minute or 2 longer to get some snacks out or something to occupy the older boys while you nurse and take care of Oliver. And if you do need a break or some help you can always send a kid over her for a little while or we could walk over, and then bring them back here to play for a while so you can get a nap in! =)

Erin said...

Look at how cute he is! Lucky mom to get to be there and meet him! BTW: When were Caleb and Lexi in Vegas?

Morgan and Derek said...

Erin- they were here for just a day, last Friday. They drove down from St. George for the day. :)


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