Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm no superhero

but I have a super-hero related injury. Yup. That's right.

And it hurts!

So, remember how my kids (and mostly Spencer) are in LOVE with Buzz Lightyear?

Well, they are.

So, Derek has started this adorable tradition: after books, scriptures, and prayers, it's time to get in bed, of course. Henry just hops right to bed and simply asks for his blankets, but Spencer is a bit more demanding. So, to make it more fun, Derek "flies" Spencer and the two of them together say, "TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!" which is, as previously mentioned, adorable.


Derek is gone three nights a week.

And so bedtime falls exclusively on me.

And I am no wussy. Spencer only weighs 26 pounds. I can "to infinity" with the best of them.


Apparently, I can't.

I totally pulled a muscle in my stomach "To infinity"-ing my child to bed. AND IT HURTS! I can't roll over in bed without pain, I can't bend over to pick up children or toys without wincing. What the heck???

Post-child-birth, I feel great, but ask me to fly my kid into his crib, and I fail.

Like I said, I'm no superhero. How embarrassing.

Thank goodness that Daddy is home tonight and can properly put my Spencer in bed. I'll just make sure Henry has his blankets.


Erin said...

That is adorable, but...Ummm..Morgs...are you sure you don't have a hernia? It's totally possible and that sounds like it's more painful than just a pulled muscle.

Jauna said...

OUCH..and ditto Erin it could be a hernia. I'd get it checked. I know he doesnt weigh too much i was just lugging him around yesterday. but it is possible especially after just having a baby!

Becky said...

Oh, man! I hope it's not a hernia for your sake. Get better!

Alisha said...

All I can do is ditto Erin and Jauna ... I love the whole buzz lightyear thing. My dad would cradle me in his arms and swing me around like a baby elephant in a trunk with this song he wrote for me ... and then I would get flung into my bed giggling. Good luck and sorry. Let us know if we can help with anything!

Chelsea said...

Ouch! Sounds very similar to the pain that kept me out of commission after having my appendectomy, which was, of course, no picnic.

However, speaking of picnics, the nice weather has me reminiscing of our 4th of July party and hoping we can watch the boys eat their weight in watermelon again sometime soon.

Morgan and Derek said...

I considered it, but there's nothing that feels, uh, herniated... it's just sore, and kind of burns. I have honestly never pulled a muscle before, so I have no clue. Maybe I'll webmd myself.

Jen said...

I'd say it is a pulled muscle--you have to remember your abs are still healing after having a baby! I overdid it after Grant (helping Jon hang a cabinent in our laundry room)--and was hurting pretty bad!

Chelsea said...

If it doesn't feel herniated but it feels like you say, it may very well be pulled muscles. That's what they told me to rest up and avoid after the appendectomy and, already, what you've described sounds similar.

I hope you feel better soon.

BloggingBills said...

Baby, I agree with Erin. CHeck and see if it's a hernia. A pulled muscle usually feels better with rest and/or heat. Trust me, I know.



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