Friday, April 3, 2009

First things first...

Please all send positive vibes to my uterus.


We took the kids to the doctor today. It was a pain in the youknowhat.

We had to otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. Spencer needed shots (he's a wee bit behind on the "schedule" that is just a government conspiracy to keep track of people... kind of like web cams) and Henry needed to make sure his ear cleared up. (It did!)

They take you back and start asking a million questions, WHILE they're trying to get my kids weighed and measured, which makes them scream. So, I'm talking to the nurse, telling Henry to STAND ON THE SCALE, IT WILL NOT HURT, and saying, "yes, I know Spencer is behind, we're not doing the MMR until he's 2, HENRY TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF THE WALL SO THEY CAN SEE HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH!"


And let me tell you, Spencer cried the.whole.time. He kept saying, "No stay! All done! I want treat!" It was fun. Not to mention that the kid has the WORST seasonal allergies I have ever personally witnessed. He's a snot machine, it's coming out of his nose, eyes and ear. His one eye is like permanently closed and red, and puffy.

GROSS! The nice doc assured me that it's JUST allergies, but also assured me it'll probably turn into ANOTHER ear infection.


So, now Spencer and Henry have an allergy med to take every day. (Claritin, but with a prescription, it's free, crazy how that works.) So, we'll hopefully get him feeling better.

And now, as a quick reminder: POSITIVE VIBES TO MY UTERUS. My mother did not appreciate me calling and asking her to please hold a family fast that I go into labor tonight.


So, since I can't get my family to abstain from eating for an important thing like LABOR, I'll simple ask the world at large, to send POSITIVE VIBES TO MY UTERUS!

You're the best.



Ken and Jen said...

Ew, doctors appointments are no fun. Hannah screams at the scale too. You'd think she would be more scared of the people who give shots! Fingers crossed that you go into labor soon!

Chelsea said...

All the positive vibes I have are going to your uterus.

I hope Spence feels better soon. Poor kid.

Alisa and Jared said...

Sending the vibes your way...

and in regards to allergies...Ella used to gush from the nose, too. We cut out dairy, and the nose STOPPED, cold turkey. All that dairy was just making her flow (since it creates mucus). Just an idea...but if you're no longer nursing, go get some soy milk, and cut down on the cheese. It will likely help...A LOT!!

I'm sooooo excited to read you're "He's here!" post!! :-)

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

Come on out baby!

There, I'm sure that will help...always did for my kids...riiiight. I really am sending positive vibes though.

Yasmine said...

Sending the vibes should be getting them any minute. I did jumping jacks and walked up hills trying to get Hunter out. But you know what worked the best? You'll need Derek for it...

Becky said...

Ah, the doctor. I take my kids to our public health center and the people there do a great job. But they also do a very thorough job. Sometimes an appointment takes well over an hour. I once scheduled both kids for one day. Not a good idea.

Glad you survived!


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