Friday, March 13, 2009

Pure genius

Yogurtland is.

I know Yogurtland is totally trendy out in Hollywood, and thereby I should dislike it.

But, I don't.

I lovvvvvveeeeeeee it. Our friend took us there tonight and it was

Seriously. You get this humongous cup and then fill it as full as you want/can with any number of flavors of frozen yogurt. NO JOKE. Today they had flavors such as bananas foster, blueberry, dutch chocolate, strawberry, mint... and then you pile on the toppings.

Then they weigh it and you pay like $4 for A HUGE and mostly fat-free treat. (If you top it with brownies it's not so fat free, but the yogurt all is.)

My choice: Dutch Chocolate, New York Cheesecake topped with blackberries, strawberries and kiwis.

It was DELICIOUS. The fruit got all frozen-y and oh so good. The boys all wanted sprinkles (including my 30 year old husband). It was so fun.

Yogurtland: Worth all the trendy popularity. Cheap and so so yummy.

That's worth a big fat TGIF if ever there was a reason.

And in child adorable news, today on the WAY to Yogurtland (which should be called Yogurtheaven) Henry fell asleep. I don't know why, I guess he was tired. Anyway, so he wakes up when we parked the car, and all surprised and shocked, declares, "The sun made me fall asleep!" I guess the sun shining in his eyes made them close and he passed out. Cute darling.

And Spencer has had an explosion of words and sentences this week. He's added the following things this week:

"No, don't!"
"No, STOP IT!"
"No, MINE!" (are you sensing a theme???)
"Bye, see ya!"
"I eat cake" (That was just too cute for words, let me tell you!)

And he LOVES Kelly Clarkson's new album. He plays the drums on his thighs in the car and rocks out, LOUD. I love it.

P.S. I found a meth bag at the playground today. Seriously. It was empty at least, but I have NEVER scrubbed my hands so hard in my life. Where the freak do I LIVE???


Lindsey said...

That sounds so good! I wish they had that here. I guess Texas isn't trendy enough yet. :) By the way, I think you should move. :)

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

Like Lindsey said, I wish we were trendy enough to have a Yogurtland! And um, don't laugh at my naivete, but I guess I didn't know that there were meth does one know what these are like? Hehe.

Cute kids, btw!

Emily said...

Sorry, but after my reaction of disgust my first thought was how you knew it was meth. :) I mean, I'm naive enough to have no clue unless it were labeled really clearly. Either way, this playground sounds insane. This world really scares me sometimes.

Morgan and Derek said...

Yeah, I wouldn't have known what it was except my friend was with us at the playground and she used to teach in the ghetto, so she's seen it lots and lots. EW GROSS is right. And we are moving, in three months. :)

BloggingBills said...

You won't find meth bags back in Menomonie. You'll find string cheese wrappers.

I wouldn't have known it was a meth bag either.


Chelsea said...

Yogurtland sounds like EXACTLY what we need in, oh, say... River Falls.

I love that the sun made Henry sleep and that Spencer eats cake and that we ALL share a profound love for Kelly Clarkson.

Chelsea said...

PS-- Here's to hoping that Derek gets a job at STOUT.

Alisa and Jared said...

Yeah, first thought was also, "How would you know it was a Meth bag?" But...hey...your excuse was good a good enough lie to make me believe it...hahaha!!

Congrats on getting all the birth supplies ready...wohooo!!

Morgan and Derek said...

Yeah, Alisa, I know you know about my meth lab. But SHHHH, don't tell people!


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