Monday, March 2, 2009


You know what is awesome?

When you decide to spend the WHOLE day organizing your closet, which includes moving Spencer from 18 month clothes to 24 months, and getting out ALLLLLLL the new baby stuff, and spending a ton of money on rubbermaid containers to get it all where belongs.

That's pretty great. That's what I did. And now my back hurts.

But, the BEST awesomeness that goes along with that is when your three-year-old decides that using the bathroom FLOOR as a toilet is just as acceptable as using the actual toilet.

So, now my closet is clean, the baby stuff is in a pile and Henry knows if he goes on the floor ONE MORE TIME I'm gonna make him wear Spencer's diapers.

AND then I took a break to play with my kids (silly me) and Spencer decided TODAY was the day to test me and run off into the street (well, parking lot really, but people drive insanely fast).


AWESOMENESS is my huge, sore pregnant self running as fast I can (which, incidently is still pretty danged fast) into the road to save my son. When I chastised him, he laughed and laughed. The more severe my tone, the harder he laughed. Stinker-butt.

What a day. But you are welcome to come over and check out my closet. It glitters.


BloggingBills said...

Oh baby, I am so sorry you hurt. You know that cleaning closets is just hormonal 'nesting' that every pregnant woman does before she gives birth. But it does feel good to have stuff 'ready to go'.

Have you though about a leash for Spencer?

Can't wait to see ya!

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

FUN! My child has NEVER gone to the bathroom all over the, never. Hehe.


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