Wednesday, February 11, 2009


So, on the ghetto-glass front, Derek and I discussed, looked up some regulations and decided that the management is, indeed, in the wrong here. So, I am planning on making a trip to the management office. Cuz, you're all right. It's scary. NOT fabulous.

And! My superpowers cleary are not JUST super-seeing. I also, apparently am pyschic.

"Why and wherefore?" you ask.

And I say, "Because I received on my door today a notice shouting 'INSPECTIONS TOMORROW!'"

Now, we have lived here six months. And aint nobody ever come to "inspect" a danged thing.

Until tomorrow.

So, I must have been endowed with psychic-ness because I knew it and went on my cleaning spree two days ago BEFORE I hurt my knee and can now not walk all that well.

See? I knew they were coming. Of course, we have some weird requirements, like we can't store anything in our storage room... so, uh, in the morning Derek gets to clean it out.

But, still. I'm psychic.

By the way, inspections and such are one of the REALLLLLYYYYY big bummers about renting an apartment. I feel quite violated when someone wanders into my home that is NOT mine and judges me. HATE IT!


Anna said...

Thankfully out of all 6 places we have lived only one did cleaning checks, and yes when you are married and "grown up" its lame to have cleaning checks.

Jauna said...

UMMM... we didnt get anything saying there was inspection today..... hmmmm, maybe we wont have one.

Chelsea said...

Well, what you do about the storage room is promptly hand the stuff that came out of it to the inspector and say, "I'm going to need you to keep this at your place. There's just no space for it here. By the way, have you inspected that empty room we can't keep things in yet?"

Morgan and Derek said...

Jauna- I have a list you're going to want to see. They're doing it by building #. Today was 25-29. It's INSANE! Just so you know. :)

Anna- Yeah, I'm not a fan, at all.

Chelsea- I know! We're not supposed to store stuff in it because it's in with the water heater, but WTH, it's an EMPTY room!

Alisa and Jared said...

There is no end to your entertainment! Thank you for a good (and unexpected) read, anytime, every time. :-)

Way to go, Super Hero!


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