Friday, February 20, 2009

I need to read the SIGN!

So, today, I went to Hancock fabrics to buy all kinds of tulle. It was fun because I NEVER get to buy tulle. Tulle is anti-boy, and well, I'm surrounded. But, then Henry gets himself invited to a birthday party for a girl, and I get to make a tutu. How awesome!

Anyway, I got to go buy 7 yards of it, to make a tutu, and it was a blast.

Except, for the old lady cutting fabric. She was ridiculous.

I got my purple and green tulle from under a VERY large sign declaring "30% off" right? Right.

I hand the tulle to the lady and request my specific yardage.

And she looks right at me and says, "You know, this is NOT on sale."

And I say, "Oh, I thought it was 30% off!"

"No, it is not!" she replies grumpily. "There was some other lady in here earlier and she thought the same thing."

I stare at her... the sign said "30% off." I don't really CARE because, well, it's only 2 dollars a yard anyway... I continue to stare at her.

She goes on, "You didn't read the WHOLE sign. If you don't read all the words, you won't understand. You have to learn to follow directions."


And there's more, "The other lady thought it was 99 cents a yard, but it is NOT! It is different."

Finally, I manage to say, "It doesn't matter! I still need it! I have to make a tutu!"

She is shocked. "Oh, you still want it?"

I answer, "Yes! I still want it. 2 yards of each please!"

She begins cutting my yardage, all the while, mumbling and lecturing about the importance of reading the fine print, and how she can't just GIVE me a sale price on something that isn't for sale. She "can't go above the boss' head."


And I am not making this up.

She goes to write down the price, reads the little price sticker and "fabric description" and declares in great surprise, "OH! This is on sale! It's 30% off!"

I stare at her.

She says, "I guess, I need to read all the words."

Uh-huh. All for the sake of a tutu.

I tell you what.


John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

Jauna said...

Hey at least it was a dang cute tutu!!

Alisa and Jared said...


BloggingBills said...

I'd have made her check twice. And told her that I learned to read in first grade thank you very much. I have no patience!



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