Friday, January 23, 2009

It's all becoming...clear.

There are lots of things floating around in my fuzzy brain. The boys are in bed, the TIVO is catching us up on the week, and Derek made himself a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner. I am an AWESOME wife.

Proof of my fuzzy brain:

While trying to write thank you notes from Christmas (yes, I'm slow, and I know it), I could not, for the life of me, remember what one particular relative had gotten me for Christmas. It wasn't THAT long ago, and I couldn't remember.

So, I called ALL of my sisters. None of them could remember what I'd been given. And well, two of them couldn't remember what THEY had been gifted either.

HA! Vindication.

Finally, with the great powers of deduction my husband possesses, we figured it out.

Saddest part of this story, it took an HOUR.

Friday Night fuzzy-brain. That's me, folks.


Blog Buddy said...

What a good relative you are-"thinking of sending Thank you's" is good in my book!

Brian and Kelsey said...

I remembered! Muahh! I am glad you figured it out. And it was a reminder that I need to write thank you cards

Meaghan said...

It's pregnancy brain- I read some study somewhere that said it isn't really a myth, you actually do have a harder time remembering things when you're pregnant. So, there, just blame the baby!

Morgan and Derek said...

BB- Yeah, I still haven't mailed 'em yet though,.

Kels- Yes, you kind of remembered, but it took some coaxing. ;)

Megs- I know, I actually just TODAY realized that is probably what it was. :)


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