Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Tale of Two Hats

When we went to check the mail today, we got quite a surprise! In our mail were TWO beautiful green and gold winter caps. They were sent with great love by my boys' Aunt Alice. When she was in Wisconsin over Christmas, apparently, she saw the hats and thought of her nephews.

SO! I whisk them out and it took zero promptings to get them to wear them. Everywhere.

Playing with playdough:

From Jan 2009

From Jan 2009

Then, we head outside to the playground:
From Jan 2009

From Jan 2009

And then, two hours later, still wearing them to dinner:
From Jan 2009

Please note the T-shirts WITH the winter hats.It was 70 degrees today.

And Spencer tried to wear his to bed and was mad when I wouldn't let him. :)

So thanks Alice! The hats are a hit!

And in other news, I went to lunch with Alisa and Janelle, two friends I haven't seen in forever!

We had a blast. Derek came as my kid-wrangler which made it even nicer.

From Jan 2009

It was a great time.

But, it also opened my eyes to a sad truth. I came out of my room after getting ready to go to lunch, and Henry goes, "MOM! Why are you wearing church clothes?" (I was wearing a blouse and khakis.)

Clearly, I'm not putting enough effort into my everyday appearance. Most days, I wear t-shirts and yoga pants. Seriously. NOTHING fits. But, I'm so far-gone that my three year notices.

SAD! What else am I supposed to wear??? NOTHING fits!


Kara said...

I love that your boys loved the hats, that's so funny. Of course I'm totally jealous that you three got to hang out. :) I'm glad you had fun, and you look so adorable, in this picture by the way.

Amber C said...

Nothing fits? I'm sure Derek wouldn't mind it if you wore that nothing. Yay for Alice and the hat solution. Now you can have yours back!

Chelsea said...

WhatEVER! You're at HOME taking care of messy toddlers who wear t-shirts, winter hats, and chili. Who wants chili stains and potty training stains and oatmeal gunk on their good clothes?

BloggingBills said...

The hats are adorable and so are the boys. When you are in a family way you have to wear what fits.



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