Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My lil' Sunbeam

Henry is really catching on to the whole "primary" thing. He goes to class, he refuses to sing, but he sits reverantly. He's good.

So, on Sunday, he brought home an adorably decorated "prayer rock." It came with a little poem, about how you put the rock on your pillow and before lay down at night, you're reminded to pray. Put it on the floor, so in the morning, if you forget to pray you step on it.

GREAT! What a lovely sentiment and reminder for us all.

Except... (there is always an "except" in my life...) Henry completely MISSED the part of the lesson about PRAYER.

He knows it's his prayer rock.

He knows it belongs in his bed.

But he gets REALLY mad at me when I take the rock OUT OF HIS BED.

Henry so does not get the point that you're supposed to PRAY. The rock is about PRAYING.

Nope. Not a clue.

We had a family home evening on the whole thing, trying to clarify.

Both Derek and I tried to help him understand that he DOES NOT have to sleep with his rock in his bed. It is about reminding him to say his prayers, for crying out loud.

Henry absolutely can not understand. He just asks me every night why I took his rock away.

So, dear Sunbeam teachers of the world, please remember that your little pupils are very literal. At least mine is. Thinking "abstractly" is impossible for him.

And Henry is oh, so very obedient. ROCK GOES ON HIS PILLOW! HIS TEACHER SAID! DO NOT MOVE IT!

Got it?


The Wolford Family said...

ha ha ha - Just wait until school and they tell him about a field trip a WEEK AWAY and try to get him to understand that just becasue they tell him about a trip does NOT mean it's RIGHT NOW!!! I'm not a fan of teachers teaching my kids things. My current rant is teaching kids how to tell time....AHHHHHHHHH

Erin said...


Becky said...

I had this problem when I taught Sunbeams. I would give a hypothetical situation for whatever the topic was that week and then the kiddos would think that's how life really was. I'm sure all the parents despised me before I wised up... :)

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

How cute! I love three year olds. I remember having one of those prayer rocks...

Morgan and Derek said...

Becky- I had the same problem when I taught Sunbeams. I'd say, "What if your Daddy was FARRRRR away? How would you talk to him?"

And the answers, "My daddy says I have to go poopy on the potty."

and "My daddy likes Spiderman."


Kara- I think I had one too, but I'm pretty sure I was old enough to "get" it. :) Three has been fun so far.

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...

that is too boy never got the rock, still hasn't, but I doubt he would have left it in probably would have been thrown around and damage would have been done! :)

BloggingBills said...

That is hysterical.

I do teach little kids to tell time, thank you very much, but it does not always work.

Case in point. About 3 weeks ago I told the kids I had to get a REALLY BIG SODA CUP for our 100th day party to hold all 100 straws. I told my brain (One of my class jobs) to remind me, which she did, just about every 10 minutes for 15 long, long long days.

I finally got the cup the day before and so that shut them up.

Kids are literal! Talk slow, tell them ONLY one thing at a time and never, never, never bring up anything that is more than, say, lunchtime away.

Kid: "When are we gonna eat our fruit loops?"

ME: After we graph them, during math.

KID: When is math?
ME: When has math been for the last 100 freakin' days?
KID: After lunch.

ME: So when will we graph and then eat our fruit loops?

Kid: After lunch?

Me: Yes.
Kid: WHen's lunch?

Me: Well, normally it's in about 1 hour, but today we CANCELLED IT BECAUSE YOU ARE ASKING TOO MANY QUESTIONS!!!!!

I still have a job, but just barely.

Morgan and Derek said...

Mom- I have to do that with my theater kids.

I say, "I promise, I will NEVER EVER forget to feed you lunch, unless you ask me when lunch is. Then I promise I'll forget." Works EVERY time. :)

Morgan and Derek said...

Shelle- Thanks for stopping by! And actually, I'm SHOCKED that he hasn't turned it into a projectile. I'll just give it time.

jauna said...

Morgan... last year the prayer rocks WERE projectiles when they were still at church! how's that for ya. DAvid still has his somewhere its no longer by his bed that didnt last too long.

Alisa and Jared said...

Oh, that is SOOO something Ella would do. And if he's anything like her...there's NO chance you'll ever be able to convince him otherwise :-)

Melissa said...

I really need a prayer rock...I'm currently out of the morning/evening habit and this would be a great reminder! Good family home evening...what should I do to remind me about those? :{


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