Monday, January 26, 2009

Demon cold from Hell

That's right. It's straight from the bad place.

At least I don't have it yet.

But, after the amount of sneezes I had blown on my face today. Yeah, it's going to happen.

I don't mind when my kids are sick... TOOOOO much. I mean, they aren't happy, and they feel awful, but seriously, it's the whining that kills me.

And today, it began MUCH too early. 4:30 am.

So, I was laying in bed, awake, having just awakened to roll over. (I'm to that point in pregnancy when pillows are more important than my husband's snuggling, so I create a nest of pillows every night, and then in order to MOVE myself, I have to wake up... but anyway!)

So, I hear it. Henry, hacking. I had given him triaminic before bed and at that moment, it wore off, with a vengence.

And so, he came on into my room. Because, all good three-year-olds know that if they are awake, MOMMY should be awake too.

Awake is one thing. Awake and whiny/crying/hysterical is another.

NO, Henry, you can not have DIET COKE for breakfast.

NO, Henry do not wake Daddy up.

NO, Henry, I do NOT have the Curious George episode where George goes bowling.

You see? It was bad. VERY VERY BAD.

Miraculously, Spencer slept in until 7, which happens, maybe once a month. Trouble was, I passed out on the couch amid a Clifford the Big Red Dog episode, and DREAMED that I went into his room to get him out bed. I was awakened by more crying, and I was very confused. Where was Spencer? I had gone to get him....

Oh wait.I only dream-went-and-got-him.

The afternoon was a bit better. I made him lay on the couch and watch a movie, in hopes he'd nap. But, Henry doesn't nap. Ever.

By the end of his movie, he announced to me, "Bobby, By told is awww dod. I wand to bay ousside... SNEEZE!"

Meaning, "Mommy, my cold is ALLLL done. I want to play outside. Sneeze."

HA! What a liar.

He is now drugged and in bed. As is Spencer because that kid sneezed 143 times today. I just know he's gonna wake me up at 4:30 tomorrow morning.



The Wolford Family said...

As I should get the cold around Feb. 13! HA HA HA

Jen said...

bummer about the sick kids! The other morning after staying up late w/ a pukey baby (and attempting to sleep in while Ethan watched tv downstairs)...I dreamt that Jon and I went to my parents' house and left Ethan home alone. When we were taking longer than a "quick errand," I told Jon, "well we need to hurry b/c we left him home and it's not like he's even asleep." I guess my mind was telling me to get up and check on my kid!

Becky said...

We've been passing around demon colds from hell for about a month and a half. And now I think both my kiddos have conjunctivitis. Awesome. Maybe I'll stay in bed all day.

Hope it passes quickly!!

jauna said...

i guess its a good thing we didnt go to the playground the past 2 days! I considered going but I'm being lazy. Better for you that Henry didnt see us outsid playing on "his" playground without him.

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

Ugh, how awful, I hate winter. Get better!!

BloggingBills said...

Ha! I get the demon cold from hell about 6 times a year! I'm so sorry!

Love ya,


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