Monday, December 1, 2008

A day of decor...

I meant to just spend Family Home Evening decorating and eating cookies, but then I remembered that we didn't HAVE any cookies, and there were a lot of Christmas decorations I kind of forgot about, so it ended up taking ALL DAY!

So, first we did cookies. Henry LOVED the sprinkles. I couldn't find our Christmas cookie cutters... so all the cookies were round. Oh well.

From Decorating

Spencer didn't exactly understand...
From Decorating

From Decorating

Hee hee.

They were delicious. Not the prettiest cookies on the planet, but whatever.
From Decorating

From Decorating

Next, Charlie Brown's Christmas while I made quesadillas for dinner. YUM!
From Decorating

Then, the Christmas tree
From Decorating

Pretty huh?

Oh, and this is what happens when you tell Spencer to NOT TOUCH THE TREE:
From Decorating

And then some of this:
From Decorating

Super cute. :) Then, we ate our cookies, read a scripture about Jesus and tried to help Henry understand that Christmas is Jesus' birthday. I don't think Henry got it, but whatever.

And finally, we have our Christmas moose, which is large and very cuddly. Henry and Spencer argued over who got to play with it, constantly. Henry said, "Take a picture of me with the moose!" So, I did.

From Decorating

So, now, we're decked out for Christmas. Tomorrow, we will make our countdown to Granne and Papa chain, since we didn't get to it today.


Alisha said...

Sounds like a blast. This year we aren't putting any ornaments on the tree because Coralie is just a disaster with, well, everything.

Thanks for dropping the stuff off on Sunday. So sorry we missed you. Hope your trip was a wonderful one.

McEuens said...

So...where'd you get those chairs the boys are sitting on and how much room do they take up when you fold them up? (Do you like how I don't even bother to greet you or say, "Merry Christmas" or "What a lovely job you did decorating.")

Morgan and Derek said...

Target, I think. It coulda been.... WALMART! And we never fold them up, but if we did, they can fit under our couch. (Do you like I how I didn't say, "Hi Maren, thanks for the comment"?)

Chelsea said...

...Christmas Moose...?

I love Hagey Family Quirks. There seem to be so many. :)


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