Thursday, December 18, 2008

Actual Conversation

This discussion occurred between Derek and I this afternoon:

M: Derek, I moved your razor up higher in the bathroom because somehow, Spencer got ahold of it yesterday. He was trying to brush his teeth with it. (Pause, while I wait for his surprised horror. It does not come.)

D: (Continues to iron his shirt, nonchalantly) Oh, I didn't even know where my razor was in the first place.

M: Well, now it is up high. (I am unimpressed with his reaction.) When did you lose your razor?

D: (Looks sheepish) Um, a week ago?

M: Really? (I am skeptical)

D: Okay, I haven't been able to find it since we got home from Thanksgiving...

M: And?

D: So, I've been using yours. (Continues ironing as if nothing is wrong.)

M: (Gawking) Ya like those five blades, with a moisturizer all wrapped around it?

D: (Continues ironing) Yup, it's way better than mine. So, I don't need mine.

M: (Trying to figure out if it's okay for spouses to share razors...) Um, whatever works for you. But the important thing is SPENCER HAD YOURS IN HIS MOUTH!!!!

D: Ouch.

Sigh. I suppose I can live with razor sharing, but I must MUST draw the line at toothbrushes. We will NEVER be married long enough for that.



Anna said...

ug, sharing tooth brushes makes me want to vomit. Mike won't use my razors but I use his...he hates it. I'm glad Spencer didn't cut his mouth, ouch, I can't even imagine.

Kara said...

First of all, OUCH! I'm glad Spencer is all right and nothing horrifying came from have the razor. That's so funny Derek's reaction though. I agree, I'm totally against sharing toothbrushes. Dale is way more okay with it than I am, but we don't do it, don't worry, and we never will. So gross.

BloggingBills said...

Okay, the only time razor sharing is okay is if one spouse doesn't know about it,

Toothbrush sharing is never okay. In fact, being in the same room while someone else is brushing their teeth is also never okay.


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