Sunday, November 9, 2008

Henry's actual birthday

He really is three today. :)

And, just as I predicted, he was a grump, and I'm glad we celebrated yesterday.

But, here is a timeline just for you:

We decided to have a baby and it took zero time to actually get pregnant which was SHOCKING.


Henry was born at 7:55am at 9lbs 5oz. He was big and squishy and we were smitten.

Look at how tired we were! We had been up since 7:00 on November 8th and that picture was taken 36 hours later. I was SO high on hormones and adrenaline, I didn't sleep for three days, until I got home from the hospital.
First Family photo 11-9-05

Henry at 5 months.
Henry and Mommy, 4 months old

His tongue stuck out all the time.
At Daddy's Graduation

Henry walked very young, he was 8 months old. He hated being a baby.
After the haircut

Henry's 1st birthday
This is the best day every! 11-9-06

Henry has always loved bike riding

Spencer was born when Henry was 20 months old and he LOVED his baby:

Second birthday
From Henry's Birthday

My goof ball
From October

Henry somehow found out his birthday was ALSO today, so he requested that we redo the whole candle-blowing-out-wish-making, so we did.

From Henry's 3rd birthday

I'm so thankful he's ours. I don't want to ever imagine my life without our Henry.


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Looks like a fabulous birthday! I love the tongue thing when he was a baby. Too cute!

My oldest also walked very young. She was 7 1/2 months. Isn't it weird to see a baby that young walking around?

McEuens said...

Happy birthday Henry! What a fun trip down memory lane. Sigh. I remember those days.

And I must say, you are a very smart mommy for celebrating his birthday on a Saturday instead of Sunday. Very, very, very smart. And as you know, I say that from the personal experience of being not so smart....

Chelsea said...

Alright, you managed to get a tear or two with this one. I'm so grateful to have you Hageys in my heart.
Here's to many, many more! :D

Morgan and Derek said...

Alyson- Yeah, people would ask me "How many months until he goes to nursery?" and I would just laugh and say, "Oh, 9 months..." sigh.

Maren- I want to see YOUR pics from YOUR three-year old! And I definitely used your shining example when deciding to celebrate on Saturday. :)

Chelsea- We considered painting the pipes Willy Wonka colors but decided not to, since they put them in their mouths so much!

Trying to Stay Calm! said...

Happy Birthday Henry :) What cute pictures, I ♥ them! Thanks for sharing :) Hugs!

Erin said...

Such cute pictures! :-) I also loved the pipes as a child (in fact, I think they are 'mine', now that I think about it). Do you remember dad giving us string to tie in knots? Also a good activity for small people-I remember doing that for hours (especially during church)...maybe it was just me though; I am easily entertained.

Anne said...

It was fun to see your comment on our blog. I hear congratulations are in order...3 little boys, you rock! Take care and enjoy the warm weather. I'll keep checking in, if you don't mind.

John, Kara, Andrew and Grant said...

Happy birthday Henry! What a cutie.:)


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