Sunday, November 30, 2008

From where I sit... lay.

From Thanksgiving

We survived the drive. I did not throw up. But then I ate ice cream. Hence the laying... on the couch... staring at the mountain of junk to put away/wash.

We made stops in the following places:

Springville, but we were too early.

Nephi, ate lunch.

Beaver, went potty, changed diapers.

Cedar, saw Kelsey and Brian, got more food.

Mesquite, no food, just potty. Gas is EXPENSIVE in Mesquite.



Henry was so tired tonight that at 5:50 pm he asked to go to bed. Like I'm gonna say no to that!

Tomorrow, we are making a paper chain to count down until Christmas and until "Gwanne and Papa" come. (Granne and Papa.... my parents...) Henry said he DID NOT want Santa to come. Just Gwanne and Papa. And he wants Papa to sleep over. Poor kid does not understand that there are 25 days until he comes. Hence the paper chain.

I'm using lots of ... today. No idea.

Our Thanksgiving break was lovely and I'm bummed to see it end. But now I have to get ready for Christmas.

We ate yummy food and hung out with the fam.

From Thanksgiving

Here's my Bingo cards.

From Thanksgiving

We play Bingo every year. My sweet grandparents host and provide the prizes. I did not have good cards, but I stuck with them, and they paid off in the end.

There was a bit of napping (not by me... that would be silly) and a bit of football.

From Thanksgiving

From Thanksgiving

Then on Friday, we went to Sarah's house. (She's my sister and she lives on a ranch in the middle of freakin' nowhere.) We ate somemore and I fell asleep in front of the tv. Duh. It was fun.

From Thanksgiving

From Thanksgiving


The Ultimate Polish Pottery Junkies! said...

Asleep at 5:50pm? I'm just curious to see how early he'll wake up in the morning...poor girl!

Morgan and Derek said...

It's 7:44 am and he's still asleep. He was TIRED!

Erin said...

Is Sarah warming her bum? :-) Looks like tons of fun...trying not to be jealous...

Becky said...

I love when they actually ASK to go to bed. It's one of the best perks of motherhood, in my opinion!


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