Thursday, October 16, 2008

Viva Las Vegas

So, Alice got to town last night, and we're already having a blast! When she arrived she declared that she needed to do two things.

1. See the fountains at the Bellagio.
2. Buy a really big beach ball.

So, the first one is simple. The second, more of a challenge.

Well, we ended up going to Circus Circus today for fun with the kids. And look what we found:

From Circus Circus

Basically, they are inflatable balls with velour covers. PERFECT for Alice's needs for her girls' volleyball class. All you gotta do, is catch it with the giant claw.

Did she do it?

From Circus Circus

SHE DID! Not once, not twice but three times! And they are huge. Henry did not like sharing the stroller with them.

From Circus Circus

Henry really enjoyed the arcade at Circus Circus too. The rides are only 25 cents. Spencer was tired and underwhelmed but still.

From Circus Circus

Then when we got home, Henry wanted to continue playing "Casino" so he made Spencer ride in the "elevator." HAHAH! That would be my children in the pantry.
From Circus Circus


Brian and Kelsey said...

your son has a gambling problem...just a thought.

Anna said...

cute pictures, I love the one with Henry and the ball, what a classic expression!! The elevator is pretty funny, maybe its a good thing that the elevator was his favorite part of the casino. :)

Alisa and Jared said...

You ARE getting old. Geesh. I think I'm the oldest 26 year old I know...and you're surely the oldest 25 year old I Old Lady, you! :-) You would still look beautiful with gray hair...just beautiful!

We WANT TO SEE YOU!!! We are leaving Mapleton UT on Saturday the 25th. We want to drive to Vegas that night, and arrange a way to see you! What time is your church, BTW? Email me! ajlybbert at Yahoo.


Sara said...

wow, that's super impressive she got those balls. And I love that your kids were "playing casino" haha

Chels said...

I don't know which made me laugh harder: Henry's face w/ the ball or them playing elevator in the pantry.


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