Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Musings of an old lady

I am going gray/grey, however you choose to spell it, it's happening. It is NOT cool.

I think the teenagers in this city behave HORRIBLY. There are a bunch of hoodlums that live right by us and we have caught them throwing rocks at 1. Cars, 2. Strangers and 3. Each other. Derek has also caught one sitting on OUR CAR! And someone, I don't know who, stole my bike. Right from my front porch. Granted, I hadn't locked it down, but whatever. We live in a GATED community. Poo.

I am ready for bed by 9:00pm every night. Trouble is, my husband isn't and I don't like to go to bed without him. So I stay up until 11:00, which is WAY TOO LATE. (See, I told you I was an old lady).

I have heartburn EVERY SINGLE DAY. And I'm only 15 weeks pregnant. (The heartburn is old-lady-ish, the pregnancy isn't.)

I think most of what's on TV is trash and I miss the good ole days. HAHAHAH!

So, there ya go, the musings/rantings of a 25 year old granny.


Lund Family said...

So from the sounds of your recent posts i am thinking you don't like it here? sounds like you moved to the wrong side of town, come over this way!

Erin said...

Poor Morgan. I am sorry that you live in Las Vegas. Sorry. You could come live in Phoenix! It is really hot, but the people are super nice and I haven't had anything stolen from my front porch. Also, I totally understand the 'going grey' thing, as you are well aware. Don't fight it! Embrace it! And, finally,I haven't watched TV in almost 3 weeks. There is nothing worth watching. Join me in my TV boycott (which excludes PBS, because History Detectives and This Old House are on PBS on Sundays.) :-)

Chels said...

I agree with and feel the same way about almost everything on that list except my bike was ruined, not stolen and my hair isn't gray yet. And I'm just 21. We'll be little old grannies together.

Chels said...

Oh... and I'm not pregnant.


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