Thursday, October 2, 2008

Filling the day

I am finding it extremely frustrating, trying to fill the day with good activities for my boys. I'm not really sure how much "structured" play or activities kids need, but I do know that they both get bored just running around.

From Park play

I never had this problem in Kansas. We had TONS of free entertainment nearby that my kids thoroughly enjoyed, playgroups, story times, parks, playgrounds, walks, swimming pools, etc, all made the day fly.

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In Vegas, we're struggling for the following reasons:
1. It's hot. I know that is silly, but going anywhere in 100 degree weather is exhausting.
2. I live far from anything. The nearest McDonald's playplace is a 20 minute drive. 20 MINUTES. Gas is stinking expensive.
3. This city is so large that while I'm sure there are many "free" things for kids, I can't seem to find any that are close, or convienent. (That was kind of the same as #2).

From Park play

So, anyway, we're trying to stay busy. Henry and Spencer are very good about playing and entertaining themselves at home, but when they start to get bored, they ask for movies. I can not stand letting them watch movies during the day.

From Park play

To combat this, we go to the park. At least the boys like that. It's a "covered" park which is helpful. And there are pigeons, which they LOVE to chase. That'll keep them busy for at least 15 minutes.

If left to my own devices, I would fill my day just fine. Laundry, cooking, sewing, etc, but my darn children want attention. :) Yesterday I was working on a birthday present for Henry and my goodness! You'd think I tried to lock my kids in a closet, the way they were complaining.

From Park play

Oh well, hopefully when the weather cools (I'm excited, this weekend it's going to be in the 80's! So sad that I'm happy about that) I'll be more willing to go "out." We'll just see.

From Park play


Whitney said...

Definitely a challenge--when my sister and her husband first moved to Houston, TX--the summers were VERY hard. All of the sudden kids were out of school and had a LOT of time to fill and they couldn't go outside because it was SO hot. Now it is even WORSE that they live in the Middle East. So, although I have no kids of my own (well, we do have one on the way--did you know that?)I feel for you. My sister is ANTI video game (your kids are still pretty little yet) but she did give in to a WII and they have really liked that. She is a big NO to LITTLE TV person, so I think the kids did a lot of LEGOS (still--your kids have a few years before that is fun or safe for them) and little projects. I feel for you though because your cute kids are at a very hard age--needing attention, a good amount of supervision, and wanting to be entertained. Good luck! If I think of anything--I'll write again.

Amber said...

Just be patient, the winters are well worth the summers!

BloggingBills said...

Okay baby, here's some info/updates.

Any tv at all on little brains younger than 2 years is definitely dangerous. It messes up their ability to concentrate later.

Try a poster with pictures of lots of fun things to do with mom: Sarah time poster (later Erin time, Morgan time, etc.) Then set a timer. When it dings, you drop everything and let Henry pick a picture of something he wants to do with you: play with legos, talk on the phone, draw a picture, play with salt dough, etc. Then for 15 minutes you play. Then he has to go play on his own til the dinger dings. Usually it's about 15 minutes every 90 minutes or so. It worked well in Germany with the little girls because they'd get so bored and it was so cold and wet.

That way you get time to do your own thing and they get time with you. As Spencer gets older, you work him into the whole 'Spencer time' gig.

You can do Henry time when Spencer is asleep. You can do Spencer time when Henry is otherwise playing.

You can also create a "Henry box" (like the Sunday box) that has fun things to do . (Put some of his toys away and then he can dig in the box for them once a day or so and choose). So after he makes his bed (you wish) or picks up (you wish)he gets to choose from the "Henry box" and play.

If you want to do some 'school stuff' you can go to or (crafts) and find cute things to color and cut and paste. Let him 'play school' with you for a few minutes each day.

Anyway, I finally saved my sanity by reallys structuring my day: work time, Sarah time, school time, etc. because I got more done, Sarah had something to look forward to and I had a feeling of some control, which is often missing when you have lots of little kids). You may just have to realize that for the next few years you're going to be squeezing "morgan time" in between lots of kids' demands.

How about story time at the library?

Love ya,

Alisa and Jared said...

Okay, seriously...your sling photo is PERFECT!!!! It looks so professional (and you look HOT)!!! :-)

I didn't know they made covered play!

I'm sure you'll find TONS of free, structured activities soon.

Plus, we'll be coming through at the end of the month to give them at least a few hours playing with Ella!


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