Monday, September 29, 2008

A weekend of weddings

Friday, Sept 26
8:00- We get in the car and start to drive. First we order Henry a cheeseburger from Jack-in-the-Box. We drive and drive.
8:17- We stop for the first potty break. This is going to be a long drive.
12:00- We stop our drive in St. George to eat lunch. I can't remember where or what. I just want to get to Sandy and get this wedding weekend kicked off!
3:30- Arrive at the parents' house. Immediately start setting up for the bridal shower/open house. Clean, set up, get cheesecakes on the table, GO GO GO!!!!!!
4:00- Mom/Nana/Kelsey (sister getting married) arrive home from shopping. Hug, Kiss, so good to see you!
6:30- People show up, yeah, Kelsey is getting married! Here's some presents! Hurray!
From Wedding

From Wedding

7:30- Try to put my boys to bed. They run naked through the group of women. Good thing they have cute tushies.
8:00 Leave my own sister's shower to go to a different wedding. First off, a stop at Noodles N' Company. YUM!
8:45- Get to wedding reception, which, whoops, is over. It's all good. I get to catch up with a dear friend I hadn't seen in YEARS! (Love you Michelle! CONGRATS!!!)
From Wedding

9:00- Go back to parents' house. Stay up until 1:00 am with splitting headache, helping to decorate wedding cakes, etc. (By "Help" I mean "Watch my sister do it).

1:00- Try to sleep, lay awake a long time. VERY exhausted.
4:00- Awake to find my older sister looming over me, holding my two-year-old who had gone a'wandering in the middle of the night. Henry steals my spot in the bed, and I sleep until 7:00am on a kid-sized-sleeping bag.
7:00- Wake up and realize I have a cold and almost no voice.
8:00- Go and steal wild flowers. We needed flower for the bouquets, cakes, etc. They were BEAUTIFUL, so we took 'em. (Okay, I'm not actually sure if we stole them or not... they were on the side of the road in no-man's land...)
8:15- Stopped at store to buy some legit flowers. Not as fun as stealing them...
8:30- Stopped at a yard sale, haggled for a lego-table. Ended up not buying it.
8:33- My sister Erin accidently ate a bug. HAHAHAHAHA.
9:00- Got ready for wedding. Remember I'm supposed to make boutinears, corsages, etc. Do that.
10:00- Babysitters arrive. I pray that my children will be okay for the next 8 hours while I'm gone.
11:00- Get to temple. Wait FOREVER.
11:30- Wedding. BEAUTIFUL! Amazing, powerful, etc. Go Kelsey! You're a married girl!
Noon- Begin to take a BAZILLION pictures. FUN!
From Wedding

From Wedding

From Wedding

1:30- Done and STARVING. We all go to Burger King.
2:30- Get to Rodizios and get reception set up. I helped with the cake, pretty huh?

From Wedding

3:30- Eat a lot of meat.
From Wedding

5:00- At this point, the stress and exhaustion of the day has gotten to the father of the Bride. My voice is GONE!
From Wedding

5:30- We're all tired. Really tired.

From Wedding

6:00- Get home, pay babysitters. All children still alive.
7:00- Go bowiling. We were SO tired, but dang it, we did it. I bowled a 55. Henry bowled a 100.
9:00- Put very sleepy boys to bed.

12:00 Go to bed, WAYYYYY tooooooo late.
7:00- Wake up, lay around ALL day.

6:00 Wake up.

From Wedding

PHEW! It was a wonderful weekend, but very exhausting. Congrats to Kelsey and Brian. We love you.


Erin said...

Technically I did not eat a bug. A bug flew into my mouth while I was TRYING to get you to come back to car so we could go to Kelsey's WEDDING. There is a difference. So there.

BloggingBills said...

Boo, good job on the daily log. Good memories! It was a totally wonderful and exhausting time together!
Love to all,

BloggingBills said...

Excellent blogging. I'm still exhausted. And I have PT conferences (parent teacher conferences) til midnight tomorrow. Okay, only 8 pm but it'll feel like midnight.

Gotta go make tortillas. We're tightwadding!

Morgan and Derek said...

Us too, Mommy, us too. :)


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