Friday, July 4, 2008

In the Northwoods

We arrived in Wisconsin last night about 8pm, it was one long day, but at least it was only one day! WOOHOO!

We're staying with our dear friends, and they are really more family than friends. It's nice to just walk in and feel right at home. We'll be here for three weeks! Theater Camp starts Monday.

In the meantime, Happy Independence Day!

Here's a random trivia note regarding the the signing of the Declaration of Independence:

What bird did Benjamin Franklin campaign for as the national bird?

Hint: He didn't get his way and now the national bird is a bald eagle.


The Wolford Family said...

I know I know I know I know - after years and years of 1776 the answer is............the..........TURKEY!!
He called it a noble bird.

The Wolford Family said...

By the way what did I win?????

Alice said...

Seagull! Hey...Menomonie is not the Northwoods...hello? Rhinelander, now that is UP Nort!

BloggingBills said...

Dear Boo:

Your poem was great
So smile I did
But here's a thought
To help your kid.

Without Everett
He'll be sad
But it really
Ain't so bad.

A two year old
Forgets a lot
A new best friend
Will take the slot.

(See how I worked a Vegas word in????)

You'll find new friends
It will be fun
And your choir job
Will soon be DONE!

The garage is calling
I have to go
We're shooting off rockets
In the desert you know

So in some box
That's way up high
I'll find the rockets
By and by.

So while you pack
We'll sit and sweat
And wish that deserts
Were more wet!

And while you're speaking
Of the bird of Ben

(Franklin, not Wolford....)

Let's plan on Thanksgiving
Just say where and when!

So let us know
What help you need
And we'll come runnin'
Me and my Thweed!

I'm out of rhymes
I've lots to do
So I'll just say
Goodbye to you!

Yasmine said...

Yep, it's the turkey.


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