Sunday, February 17, 2008

Texas... ha!

So we're in Texas. It's been an adventure, to say the least. We're going home on Tuesday, and sadly, I think the in laws will be VERY glad to see us go.

Some highlights for you:

Henry, spiking a fever in the airport, prior to leaving Kansas City. He then slept the entire flight. Not bad, since I was Derek-less.

Henry being sick and having a 104 degree fever.

Getting to see my sister Erin. SO fun. We took her to Rudy's, and while Erin is NOT a big meat eater, she was gracious about being fed Texas BBQ.

Spencer having an exploded diaper in Rudy's, and me having NO extra clothes.

Henry choking on bread and throwing up at Rudy's.

Getting a beautiful Willow Tree figure from Derek, that he called down to a Texas store for, paid for, and had his dad pick up for me. SO sweet, and nice on Valentine's Day, which was also our sixth anniversary of our first date. What a handsome, wonderful, hunk of a husband I have.

Taking Henry to the walk-in clinic after three days of 104 degree fever, paying $139 to be told it was the flu.

Going to the Stock Show. One particular kid made $91,000 off her steer. DANG!

Henry, screaming and crying every time anyone other than me looked at him. The grandparents loved this.

Spencer waking up 8 times a night. (I wish I was kidding...)

Derek arriving! Henry's behavior magically improving. Grrr.

Going to Rudy's AGAIN for Derek's sake and Spencer gnawing on a rib bone. HYSTERICAL.

Derek getting up with the kids this morning so I could sleep until NINE after being up with Spencer so much. HEAVEN!

So, now, that's where we are. I really think the in laws will be thrilled to see us go because Henry is being such an unbelieveble pain in the rear end. It's so beyond his normal behavior, and it's just not fun. Normally, he adores he grandparents and is a good kid MOST of the time... I really love my inlaws but I can't say that this trip has been good, because, well, it hasn't. There have been some good moments, thankfully.

I'll post pictures later.


Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

that is actually funny but painful at the same time. Mikelle used to be afraid of anyone who looked at her too... Like her Grandpa O, we would see him at least weekly and for a while she would still scream if he looked at her or got to close, thank heavens she out grew that. I'm sorry Henry got sick, but glad you got to see Erin!

Yasmine said...

I sympathize. I had a similar experience visiting my parents over new years without my husband. It was also a mostly horrible experience that has made me never want to go anywhere again with my kids. Isn't it interesting how things get magically better when your husband is there? Hooray for Hubbies! Sounds like Derek is doing a great job.

Erin said...

Poor kid! I thought Henry was feeling better when I saw you-apparently not though. :-( Sad day. It is rather unfortunate that he never quite warmed up to the grandparents. It is that age, I think. It was great seeing you! Hope your trip home today went okay!


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