Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I just accidently deleted an entire post. Poop.

Well, we're home. It's been a long day, that started for MAMA at 3:30 and everyone else at 4:30. But, my boys were all such troopers, even Derek. And thank Heaven for Clifford the Big Red Dog on the Video I-Pod. :)

Please pray that my doula client holds off a couple of days before going into labor, I am so very tired, I need a couple of days to recover before helping people have babies!

So, we're beginning our baby sleep "boot camp" tomorrow. Sounds brutal eh? Well, I read the book, "The Lull-a-baby Sleep Plan" by Cathryn Tobin, and it's supposed to be gentle yet effective. This earth mama can't handle anything too rigid, so it better work. I know my little man has it in him to sleep longer than 2 hours at a time! he can do it! He HAS done it, he's just been sick for so long!!!! Pray it works!

My contacts are rejecting my eyeballs, so good night dear friends and readers!


Erin said...

I see you've decided to fully embrace your granola self and go pagan. Clifford the Big Red God? That sounds so...Aztec. :-)

Morgan and Derek said...

You're mean and I was tired. HAHAH!

Morgan and Derek said...

There, I fixed it.

Erin said...

Oh. You should have left it. It was hilarious-especially with the 'earth mother' comment later. Too funny! :-) Did you get some rest? Still no doula baby?


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