Wednesday, January 9, 2008

"What's that...curry taste?"

Did you know that if you OVER "curry" a recipe, it tastes AWFUL? I mean, spices like cumin, you can't really screw up, but curry, EW! I was making a new recipe, and well, I spilled the curry, and well, it was really really really gross. It turns bitter. I was a curry-virgin and like most "first times", it was a bad experience. (Wow, that was rude, but oh so clever.)

So, we had spaghetti.

I use Henry as my "taste-tester." He'll try and eat anything and 99% of the time, he LOVES it. So, when he informed me that dinner was "yucky," I believed him. I'm so glad he is a good eater because he really will eat just about anything I put in front of him. But not "creamy curry pasta primavera." The worst is, I wasn't just cooking for US, I was also cooking for my friend Lisa and her family. But, her half wasn't over-curried. Hopefully, it was edible.

Spencer is sick. Again. A fever. He cried all day. Poor darling.

Oh, and yesterday, Henry didn't want to go to bed, so after we said his prayers, he jumped up and declared, "UH-OH, I didn't hear the prayer." I believed him. I thought maybe he was really tired and had fallen asleep during the prayer (it wasn't THAT long, but still....) So, I said it again. And I KNOW he heard that time. But, again, "Uh-OH! I didn't hear the prayer!" Yeah, I'm slow, but I did catch on that time.

Another funny Henry-ism, (one I shall use as blackmail later on)... when he has a stinky diaper and I ask him if I can change him, he'll say, "NO! I'm not done pooping!" He is SUCH a liar!

And in closing, I am officially addicted to diet coke. Well, okay, I've been officially addicted for a while, but the first step is admitting it right? So, there, I admit it. I think that is the ONLY step I'm prepared to take.


MM said...

I despise curry in all forms so the idea of LOTS of curry makes me want to cry real tears. What a terrible beginning for a dinner. Good think spagetti was on standby. Henry is so funny. The image of him scolding Isaac will forever live as one of my favorites! I would have loved to hear him try to postpone bed-at least he wanted to pray rather than throw a temper tantrum! :-)

Chels said...

You really will use that story forever. When I was about Henry's age my mom would go to change my diaper and ask, "Who pooped in your pants?!" I'd say, "Cherrow did it" (because I couldn't pronounce Cherryl-- the aunt who babysat me at the time). Then my mom would say, "Oh I'm going to have to call her then." So I said, "She's not home."
To this day my mother tells everybody that story whenever anybody brings up stories about infancy. To this day whenever we're at a family function and I happen to spill something or get caught snitching dessert early I still swear that "Cherrow" did it.

Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

My mom made curry chicken Dad ended up taking us all to McDonalds afterwards. Haven't had curry since. :) That Henry is a funny boy, isn't it crazy how clever they get so young!

Alisa said...

I love Diet Coke too. That's why i don't keep it my house or i would be addicted. I love the Henry stories. Sorry Spencer is still sick. Poor guy!


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