Monday, January 14, 2008

General musings... (I enjoy a good musing now and again).

Henry has become quite imaginative lately. I LOVE it. He adores his superman cape and "flies" everywhere. He pretends his hand is a phone, and anything covering his eye makes him a pirate. Derek and I sometimes just sit in the living room and listen to him talking to himself in his room. It is so much fun!

We are all still (again) sick. Henry has it the worst so far, (just a cold) but I'm pretty darn sure Spencer is allergic to the antibiotic he's on. He's all rashy. I think I should rename our blog "Musings of the sickos" except that sounds dirtier than I would like.

In other news, we're going to Texas in a couple of weeks and I am SO excited. I have a bit of doula-work to do with Derek's step sister. I may even get to doula for her in August, depending on her due date. So, the kids and I are loading up and flying down, and then Derek will fly down and spend three days or so. It's going to be great!

I'm anxiously awaiting a doula baby. Any day now! My poor client called me today and she is so tired of being pregnant. Unfortunately, all I can say to that is, "I'm really sorry." And "Hang in there." Poor dear.

Derek starts school this Thursday. It'll be a challenge for him to balance working ALL THE TIME and school. I'm sure he can do it, I'm not sure how yet, but he's good. He can.

And now, friends and readers, I must bid you adieu. I have dishes calling my name and a toddler putting things in the microwave (sad state of affairs when your two-year-old knows how to work the microwave. And I do believe he's using a laundry basket as a stool.....*sigh*).


Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

Poor Morgan, sick children are the worst!!!! Sounds like fun going to Texas though. Thats where Derek is from right? Will you stay with his family, the step sister you are doula-ing?

MM said...

Morgan! When are you going to be in San Antonio? I am going to be there starting on the afternoon of Feb. 11 until the 14th!

Lindsey said...

You are coming to Texas! Are you only going to be in San Antonio? Let me know if you are going to be around Dallas at all.


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