Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sorry for being "cheesy" but I read this quote today, and it is basically, a wonderful reminder:

Richard G. Scott, said it in April 1989:

“I know that each one of you faces overwhelming challenges. Sometimes they are so concentrated, so unrelenting that you may feel they are beyond your capacity to control.
Don’t face the world alone.
In many ways, the world is like a jungle, with dangers that can harm or mutilate your body, enslave or destroy your mind, or decimate your morality… I am persuaded that today, no one, no matter how gifted, strong or intelligent, will avoid serious problems without seeking the help of the Lord.
I repeat: Don’t face the world alone. Trust in the Lord.”

What a great reminder!

My life has been a teensy bit "challenging" lately, and this is just a great promise. I love it!

On a less, touchy-feeling note: Spencer is moving in to 6-9 month clothes! WHAT??? He's so big! He is starting to look like a real person, less like a tiny baby. It's CRAZY!

Derek's Tivo came today. Oh boy. He's going to have so much fun playing!

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