Wednesday, January 23, 2008

American Idol irritation.

Okay. I'm tired of American Idol. (Don't say, "then just don't watch it." That is not an option.)

The "bad" people are SO TOTALLY plants. I mean, some of them might be *that* weird, but seriously, most of them are fake. They just want to be on TV, and it's annoying. Plus, they keep letting people who are WAY TOO OLD on, just because they are bizarre.

Did anyone see the guy with the fingernails??? EW!

They never show the good people. It's not nearly as entertaining after 7 years of it.

And some of the people they DO show that they say are "good" absolutely stink.

PLUS! Taylor Hicks, Ruben Studdard AND Katherine McPhee all got dropped from their record labels. So, why exactly is the point of "America" voting, if "America" doesn't buy the records of the people that "America" likes?

Sigh. I. can't. stop. watching.


EM said...

Darling sister-if it is that bad, why is it that you continue to torture yourself?

Kara said...

I had no idea those 3 were dropped from their record labels. That's crazy to me. Well, not that I listened to any of them. I honestly can't watch that show any more because it drives me CRAZY that they just show these awful people that totally can't sing or are crazy, just like you said.

Alisa said...

This was the first season i decided to not watch the try outs. I think i will go straight to the real show. And why can't the judges just do the voting?The fingernail guy was gross. I couldn't even look at the TV.

Chels said...

Katherine, Rueben and Taylor's seasons were rigged. That's why. Well, Katherine's MIGHT not have been, but she's absolutely ridiculously stupid and if I were a record company I wouldn't want to work with her either.


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