Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Spencer, the big-headed child...

We had Spencer's four month appt today. I have a hard time believing he's four months old, but whatever.

He's 25.5 inches, 14lbs 10 oz and a 44 cm head. WOW! (That's like 90th percentile for head.) So he's long, lean and huge-headed. He did so good with his shots, poor dear. He absolutely refuses to roll over, but our nice Ped said it's not a worry until he's six months old.

Henry has developed OCD about tags in clothing. (I blame this entirely on the new "wave" of tagless clothing for children.) Anything with tags... if he sees them coming... is a no-go. (I love 2 year old opinions, by the way.) I have to cut the tags out to get him to wear stuff. So, that means, in a year or two, when I'm pulling clothes out for Spencer, I'll have no idea what size they are. Sigh.

Henry also is big into saying, "I like (insert random thing here.)" This of course does not mean that he actually likes something. No, no, that would be too easy. Instead, if he says he likes something it means that he DOES NOT like it. It can also mean, "I'm done!" So if he says, "I like food" it means, he's full and I better get it out of his way before he throws it.

I LOVE toddler-hood.


Alisa said...

I'm glad you gave into the blog world too. I am excited to read your entries because i love your writing! Oh and Parker didn't really start rolling until 5 months so no need to worry.

Kara said...

Morgan you could always write with a sharpie marker or something on the inside of the shirt the size! ;) Then you'll know. Just as a thought. I love reading your blog though. Toddlers are so fun to try to figure out sometimes. Lol.


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