Thursday, December 6, 2007


Ah yes, the joy that is winter is now upon us. Okay, well, it'll all melt by tomorrow, but nonetheless, we sure enjoyed it today! The FIRST SNOW! Henry is in LOVE with the snow. So, out we went today. Mommy froze, Henry had a blast!

He insisted on wearing his boots all day long (as evidenced by the first picture). He played and played and I had to force him to come in for lunch. He is a snow-bunny.

I had an awesome meeting with a doula client today too. It was so fun! I love talking birth. Derek's on call, like ALWAYS so, he's always off at the hospital. It's not so fun, but it's a job. We are very much looking forward to the break during Christmas. It'll be quick, but good!



Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

Mikelle calls snow, "nose" its really cute I won't let anyone correct her. What are you guys doing for Christmas? cute pics. by the way.

Manda, Jon, Katie and Baby! said...

Cute pics! Katie loves to wear her boots all day too, what is with our kids? They were meant to be together, lol.


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