Thursday, December 13, 2007

Picture overload

So, we had SO much fun creating this train cake. (Derek and I had a "date" last night" and did it together.) It was a blast. We put cotton candy around the train for "snow." It looked BEAUTIFUL! By this morning, it had all disappeared. Whoops.

And that is cute Spencer. I went to get him a diaper, and he rolled to the couch and started eating the couch slip cover. Hee hee. He is FAST, and drooly. It was quite humorous.

And FINALLY! Derek's bike, post-ice storm. He hasn't been riding it, in case you were worried.

About 50% of Manhattan is still power-less. We're up in the air as to if we'll be having church on Sunday or not. CRAZY! The hotels are completely full, stores are all out of EVERYTHING. It's nuts.

Henry informed me today that I'm not supposed to touch the Christmas tree today. I guess all my harping on him has finally paid off. Hee hee.


Sara said...

Ok so I saw those pictures and thought to myself, "Oh what a fun thing to do with Henry, it's so cute" then I just had to laugh when I read that it was Mom and Dad making the train cake! That's too cute; good thing you took pics before you ate it!

Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

Cute train, cute baby, cute post!!!

Morgan and Derek said...

haha, sara, we figure when he's a little bigger, we'll let the kids help. Not yet though!


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