Wednesday, December 12, 2007

I will survive!

And we did! The ice storm was pretty brutal. It knocked out our power all day long! It was quite cool in our house by the time we got it back on yesterday at 5:00!

We ventured out of our house to go to the store yesterday afternoon. That was a mistake. It was complete disaster. Walmart was OUT of flashlights! The lines were dozens long. So, we decided to go to Pizza Hut for dinner. (We had no power at this point.) Well, the wait for dine-in was 2 hours. So, we decided to go home and have it delivered. Yeah, the wait for delivery was THREE hours. By the point, our power was back, so I made frozen pizza instead.

On a non-ice storm related topic:

The other night, Henry refused to take a bath, UNTIL his brillant daddy told him he could wear "gloves" in the bath.

So, he. did.

Yes, those are his socks on his hands.


Carolyn said...

Wow, Morgan that is a crazy storm! And I love the glove idea, so funny haha

Mike, Anna, Mikelle and Kaylee said...

That is hilarious about the bath. The nice thing about ice storms is everything sure looks pretty!! Sorry you didn't have power, how long was it out?

Lindsey said...

I was wondering about you guys with the ice storm. Hopefully it will be normal again soon! That is so funny about the gloves and the bath!

Bollenberg Family said...

Crazy ice storm! I was watching it on the news the other day and thought of you guys... Our power went out for an hour the other day from some rain, and it was freezing in our house! I can't imagine how it was for you guys!!!

Chelsea said...

You know, I thought of you when I heard about that storm.
I keep meaning to call you and see how you're doing, but there are never enough hours in a day and yet I still seem to get nothing done. *sigh*
PS-- Gloves? lol What a strangeling. At least he's got a unique sense of style. :)


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