Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Summer 2016 in one post



I miss you blogging world. Are you even still a thing?

I have been so dang caught up with working from home that everything has sort of evaporated into the netherworld.

But. It's quiet right now. (Well, quiet is relative, I mean, there are six children here still) So I thought I'd catch up.

We have a had a low-key summer. No big trips, no huge outtings, nothing like that at all. Just a few perfect beach days. A few park trips. A lake trip, some birthdays, some work-at-home days when the kids ask, "Are you going ANYWHERE today?", lots of karate classes, and just summer.

Somehow, summer is perfect. I'm lamenting let it go as we head into school on Tuesday. It's still warm out, but the light is shifting. It's autumn light. I love fall, but oh winter. I'm pretending you aren't a thing.

I haven't much to say about summer. I have lots to say about summer. It was magic. It was mundane. It was busy, it was lazy. I think my kids will be the ones without much to report come the first day of school. Yet it was agood time. It was all I could hope for.

I'm going to miss my babies when they traipse off to school. I'm pretending that's not happening too.

Oh summer.  I am going to MISS you.


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